5 Not-Obvious Ways to Clean with Baking Soda

Baking soda, also known as sodium carbonate or soda ash, is a terrific, gentle, non-toxic household cleaner. Use it to give a cleaning boost when scouring surfaces - from cleaning sinks to tile to pots and pans, baking soda quickly removes stains and caked-on gunk. But there are also a lot more, less obvious ways to clean with baking soda. Check out 5 ways to put your baking soda to use!

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Freshen and Clean CarpetsFreshen and Clean Carpets1. Freshen and Clean Carpets
To freshen and clean carpets monthly, sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda on the rug and let it sit overnight, then vacuum it up in the morning. Voila - fresh carpets!

Even Cleaner LaundryEven Cleaner Laundry2. Even Cleaner Laundry
Add a cup of baking soda to each load for fresher, cleaner laundry.

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Remove Wood StainsRemove Wood Stains3. Remove Wood Stains
According to Yankee magazine, you can remove water stains from wood with baking soda. Working with the grain, use a damp cloth to rub baking soda into the ring, and then allow the baking soda to dry, and brush off.

Remove OdorsRemove Odors4. Remove Odors
To keep kitchen odors at bay, set a cup of baking soda in the refrigerator or sprinkle 1/2 cup in the bottom of your trash cans.

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Clean and Polish ChromeClean and Polish Chrome5. Clean and Polish Chrome
For chrome that shines like the top of the Chrysler building, make a thick paste from baking soda and water, gently rub into the chrome, allow to sit for 15 minutes, and rinse. This works great in bathrooms, kitchens, and even on grimy trash cans.

- By Elizabeth Stark and Brian Campbell
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