Before and After: 5 Outdoor Space Makeovers

5 Outdoor Space Makeovers5 Outdoor Space MakeoversNow that things are warming up, are you getting the urge to move the party outdoors? It can feel daunting looking at an empty concrete patio or overgrown garden, but now is the time to take matters into your own hands and tackle it. Before you start tearing up thinking about how much this is all going to cost, find out the many ways to give your garden a makeover on a low budget. To get that creative adrenaline running, take a peek at these 5 before and after outdoor space makeovers.

Before: DrabBefore: Drab1. Before: Drab
This empty space had only a dirt trail, patchy grass, and ugly fencing going for it.

After: FabAfter: FabAfter: Fab
Can you believe this is the same space? With fences replaced, flower beds installed, furniture brought in, and cement stepping stones in place, this yard is completely transformed.

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Before: Lots of PotentialBefore: Lots of Potential2. Before: Lots of Potential
This yard was lush and green, but it can be hard to look at a space like this and think outside of the box.

After: Lots of Patio SpaceAfter: Lots of Patio SpaceAfter: Lots of Patio Space
That backyard patch of grass is now a party-ready patio that's still heavy on the green.

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Before: Too Much Sun Before: Too Much Sun 3. Before: Too Much Sun These owners of this home couldn't enjoy this outdoor space, because there was no escape from the sun.

After: Natural ShadeAfter: Natural ShadeAfter: Natural Shade Some trees and a new pergola give just the right amount of shade for eating, reading, and relaxing at the patio table.

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Before: Bleak Before: Bleak 4. Before: Bleak This small space was concrete was surrounded by an ugly fence.

After: Chic After: Chic After: Chic
Stones, greenery, and lawn furniture lend the yard a garden feel, and now there's even a fire pit. Just make sure to invite the neighbors over to enjoy it!

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Before: Adorable Bungalow Before: Adorable Bungalow 5. Before: Adorable Bungalow This bungalow was adorable, but the front yard was non-descript.

After: Desert Getaway After: Desert Getaway After: Desert Getaway With a new terracotta walkway and Xeriscaped foliage, this home has the complete package.

- By Jaime Morrison Curtis
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