5 Uses for Wax Paper - Beyond the Kitchen

This kitchen-drawer essential is a cook's secret weapon for keeping food from sticking, but check out these other slick ways they can be put to use. -Jennifer Stimpson, This Old House magazine

1. Garden with it: Clean Garden Tools
Rub spades and other hand tools with a balled-up piece of wax paper; the roughness loosens grime, while the wax coats the metal to help prevent rust.

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2. Clean with it: Sweep Up Dirt and Dust
Cut a piece of wax paper the size of a cleaning cloth and attach it to a wet/dry mop (like a Swiffer) to catch dirt in high-traffic areas.

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3. Organize with it: Funnel Hardware
Coax wax paper into a cone to guide finishing nails, nuts, or other tiny pieces of hardware into lidded jars or other small containers.

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4. DIY with it: Ease a Door That Sticks
Rub wax paper along a door's edge to keep it from jamming in the frame.

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5. Stow-away with it: Protect Candles
Wrap colored candles in wax paper before storing, to keep the dye from bleeding.

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