5 Ways to Declutter and Organize Your Bathroom

Modern bathroomModern bathroomA bathroom is a very sacred place and is synonymous with the word 'privacy'. It's the first place we go to at the start of our day and the last place we go to before hitting the sack. Therefore, organizing and keeping the bathroom clean can really make our experience inside it, relaxing and peaceful. Here are some simple ways to keep your bathroom tidy and organized.

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Throw it Out - There are hundreds of items in your bathroom that you can do without. The first step in any organizing process is to get rid of useless items. These may include, expired medication, vitamins, nail polish remover, make up, mascara, never opened bath salt, lipstick, old magazines and newspapers etc. This isn't the time to be nostalgic. Think of it this way, you will have much more space to get new and better products.

Utensil Organizer for Drawers and Accessories - Every bathroom has cupboard and drawers that are filled with everyday small items, which are required from time to time. These include duct tape, band aid, bobby pin, safety pins, elastic bands, cotton swabs etc. Now instead of getting used to dealing with a damp drawer filled with knots of pins, hair and rubber bands, it will be very practical to take your time to sort it out. It will make your life simpler and your time in the bathroom pleasant.

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Samples Got to Go - Many items in the bathroom have been there for ages and you have not been able to use them. These include, sample shampoos, bubble baths, bathing salt, or the fancy liquid soap you got for Christmas. When are you expecting to use them? Get rid of these unnecessary items or they will keep adding to useless clutter. Take an inventory of the entire bathroom, look in cupboards, drawers and shelves for items that get lost and start gathering dust. You know an item is useless if it catches dust in a bathroom of all the places.

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Clean! - Taking small steps to clean the toilet a little everyday will save you much hassle in the long run. Keep some disinfectant in the shelves with wipes to clean any sudden mess that may happen. Just washing the toilet a few times a week can prove to be very useful when you take out time to wash the entire bathroom.

Color Coordinate - When multiple people use a bathroom, it is important to color coordinate and differentiate the items. Items such as toiletries, toothbrush, towels, combs and other personal items, which can only be used by specific people, fall in this list. Color coordinating will also reveal who does not clean up after using or leaves items out of their usual place.

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