5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Fall

Written By Mandy Seay For QuickEasyfit

Autumn HomeThe coming of fall brings about a lot of mixed feelings. On one hand it may be nice to get a break from the summer heat, but on the other hand the cooling weather can leave you with a lot to do around your home.

1. Bring out the storms. Not literal storms of course, but the storm windows. Many people have lighter windows and screens on their windows during the summer months in order to get fresh air during those cool summer nights, but in the fall and winter you'll want to keep your warm air in, so you'll need something stronger.

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2. Prepare the fireplace. If you have a fireplace, you'll want to get it ready. Have it cleaned and stock up on firewood in order to stay nice and toasty.

3. Make sure the heat works. By the time fall rolls around, most people's furnaces have been dormant for several months, and sometimes having that much rest makes it hard for a heater to get going. By turning your heat on before you really need it, you give your furnace a chance to trainer for the hard stuff, and you can identify any issues early and get them fixed.

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4. Go grocery shopping. Over the summer you've probably declared many times, "Ugh! It's too hot to cook!" This is not the case in the fall or winter. Think of your favorite fall and winter foods; soups, casseroles, and baked goods. Stock up on the right ingredients so you can eat well on those cooler days.

5. Check your lighting. In the summer, it's not only hot, it's bright. You barely ever need to turn off a lamp to be able to see your way around. As the days get shorter this is not the case. By repositioning lamps and hanging mirrors to reflect the light you can keep your home bright and lessen the chance or impact of depression from Seasonal Affective Disorder once winter comes.

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