5 Ways to Make Your Room Look Bigger and Better

Make Your Room Look Bigger and BetterMake Your Room Look Bigger and BetterIf you have a small living space, you can easily make it look more spacious by following a few simple tricks. Changes to the interior design can help you decorate your rooms in a much better way without making them look confined.

Using the Right Colors - Using light colors can not only have a soothing effect on your nerves but also make your room look more spacious. Colors like cream, beige and ice-blue reflect the light making the rooms look bright and open. If you paint the trims of your wall in an even lighter shade, it will make your room look even bigger. Since dark colors absorb light, they can make rooms look cramped.

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Lighting - Right kind of lighting can have an astounding effect on the way your room appears. Designing your interiors in a way that allows natural light to enter your house can go a long way in making it look bigger. Keep your windows clean and pull back the hangings. You can also add plants on the window sill to emphasize the view. However, if there are not too many ways to allow natural lighting to enter the house, you can use artificial lighting, but cleverly. Use soft lighting such as white bulbs instead of yellow.

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Avoid Clutter - Another way to make your room look bigger is to avoid clutter and keeping it organized. When too many things litter up the room, there is less space to move around or too many things that demand attention. Every room should have a single focus point such as a bed in the bedroom or a sofa in the lounge. This object of focus should be complimented with fewer things. Keeping the walls emptier is also important. You can also add rugs to make the floor space look larger.

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Place Mirrors - Mirrors that are placed strategically can work wonders with your living space, making it look quite larger. Since they reflect light, they can make the room look brighter while creating an illusion of a bigger space. If the view outside your window is good, you can place a mirror in such a way that it reflects the view. If you think that adding mirrors will make your walls look cluttered, you can use cabinets with mirrored doors or tables with glass tops.

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Arrange the Furniture - Furniture takes up most of the space and it is very important to select it carefully if you want your room to look bigger. The best way is to use multi-function furniture such as sofa beds and expandable tables so that they are only used when needed. Also, don't keep the furniture in the middle of the room; line them against the walls.

When you are purchasing furniture, make sure it fits your room without blocking doors. The color of the furniture should be aligned with the color of walls so that it can blend in to some extent. For added space, you can place your furniture at angular points in a diagonal manner.

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Don't use furniture that is too tall and leave space between different furniture items. Also, use table with glass tops to allow filtration of light.

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