6 Best Store-Brand Household Products

Brand-name counterparts are just as quality -- and less money!

Why shell out for name brands when these store lines offer the same great performance - for less!

1. Walmart Great Value Powder Laundry Detergent
Whether you prefer to wash in hot or cold, Walmart's Great Value Powder detergent ($11.47) has you covered. It came in at only 11 cents per large, heavily-soiled load and was able to erase most stains in GHRI tests. (Though you may need to pretreat fabrics to bust anything dye-based like lipstick.)

2. Up & Up 2X HE Fresh Breeze Laundry Detergent
Looking for a liquid formula instead? Target's store brand won't set you back much more at less than $10 for a 150-ounce container (or just 11 cents per large, heavily-soiled load). Up & Up 2X HE Fresh Breeze performed as well as plenty of name-brand detergents in GHRI tests, busting a variety of stains with ease. And it's equipped with a push-button spout for easy dispensing - no need to hoist that hefty bottle every time!

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3. Great Value Dishwashing Detergent Powder
At only 10 cents per load, Walmart's powder formula is tough to beat. ($3.22 for 75 oz.) was one of the least expensive formulations in our test and also turned out to be one of the best. It scrubbed off even the most baked-on messes, did a great job minimizing hard-water spotting, and left the remaining items in our load nearly spotless.

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4. Nice! Facial Tissues with Lotion
Save some cash this cold season with our budget tissue pick from Walgreen's. At only two cents per tissue, you won't have to worry about cost when stocking up on ($1.89 for 75-count box). Plus, our consumer testers loved how soft these absorbent tissues are.

5. Kirkland Signature Paper Towels
At only a penny per square foot, are a real bargain. Despite their low price, these sheets were still plenty thick and quick to sop up spills.

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6. White Cloud Ultra Toilet Paper
Prefer the feel of three-ply? Walmart's ($0.49 per roll) was our top pick. This TP proved absorbent and fast-dissolving in GHRI tests. It includes plenty of square footage and costs significantly less than the competition.

-Nicole Price Fasig

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