6 Tricks to Make the Most Out of the Rechargeable Batteries in Your Phone, Laptop and Tablet

Do all of you charging cords make you crazy?

By Ashleigh Schmitz

How many rechargeable devices are in your household? I only live with one other person and between the two of us, we have at least nine! That's a lot of charging cords. Even if you weren't affected by Hurricane Sandy, keeping all of your rechargeable devices charged is a task and a half. Luckily for you, your laptops, your cell phones and your tablets, Call2Recycle has some tips for safely charging and preserving your electronic devices and their batteries.

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1. Read the guidelines.
There are specific recommended battery charging times for each individual product. Read through the pamphlet your gadget came with and follow the guidelines before using it for the first time.

2. Wait 'til it's dead.
Never return a fully-charged battery to the charger for an extra boost. This will shorten the life of the battery.

3. Know the difference.
Never place a non-rechargeable battery in a battery charger.

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4. Don't let it sit!
If your rechargeable battery is done charging, remove it from the charger.

5. Cool it.
Let a discharged battery cool to room temperature before recharging.

6. Recycle it.
When they no longer hold a charge and it's time to buy a replacement rechargeable battery, make sure to recycle your old one. To find a drop-off location nearest you, call toll free: 1-877-2-RECYCLE or visit call2recycle.org.

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How do you keep your electronic devices in tip-top shape?

Photo Credit: Geek Alerts