6 Ways to Spice Up the Thanksgiving Table

Bring a twist to your holiday dinner table with these cool crafts and fetching finds.
Plus: Ideas for the kids' table too!

1. Perfect Place Setting

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

For favors sure to spark conversation, turn acorn caps into adorable mini-candles by filling them with melted wax and inserting short wicks (allow one hour of cooling time). To assemble a complete glow-on-the-go kit, stash the tiny lights, plus a few matches, in a wood box tricked out with a striker, a.k.a. a strip of sandpaper glued to one side. The final touch: Personalize the lid with a sweet frame stamp and a handwritten note.

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2. Lovely Tablescape

Lovely Tablescape Ideas

Think outside the vase. Vintage wooden spools offer a novel way to display dried leaves or branches. (If using fresh flowers, seek out spools with hollow cores wide enough to accommodate floral tubes.) The vessel that contains our loose arrangement of dahlias and pomegranates? It's a ceramic utensil holder.

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3. Crafty Table Runner

Crafty Table Runner

Let nature take its course with a DIY leaf runner. Crafted from lush blue and green felt, this table topper perks up plain linens and provides a padded path for hot plates.

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4. Recipes for the Road

Recipes for the Road

Serve recipe cards alongside the feast. It's a snap to share the secrets to making Aunt Karen's pecan pie or Uncle Bill's gravy, thanks to these nifty souvenirs.

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5. Useful Accents

Useful Accents

Colorful sleeves eliminate the need for coasters-and silly wine charms. Not only do these accessories protect tabletops; when fashioned in a variety of hues, they also help guests keep track of their champagne glasses.

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6. Pretty To-Go Packaging

Pretty To-Go Packaging

Looking for an attractive way to wrap up leftovers? Disguise cheap storage containers with custom-stamped fabric covers. Measure the lids in a pack of plastic bowls.

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