7 Breakfast Nooks for Small Spaces

7 breakfast nooks that rise and shine7 breakfast nooks that rise and shineIt's rare that I make a full breakfast, but if I had a nice nook to eat in, you better believe I would be busting out the stack of flapjacks every day. Just looking at these happy nooks will have you hankering for a cozy spot and a glass of orange juice.

1. Booth
This is a great example of making a breakfast nook modern, instead of country. That light fixture is killer, too.

Sunny + White Sunny + White
2. Sunny + White
This nook looks like it's in a traditional home, but the wire chairs and light fixture give it a touch of modern edge.

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Modern Color Modern Color
3. Pops of Color
The mix of the chairs, table, and light fixture in this nook is very mid-century modern. The cheerful colors liven it up.

4. Glam
This nook definitely looks like it was put together by a glam girl, with its playful bits of pink and the chic chevron chairs.

5. Family-Friendly
This nook right off of the kitchen is a great spot for a bowl of cereal and some friendly family chat. Without upholstery, it's easy to clean after every meal.

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6. Neutral
The beautifully paned window and the padded bench make this space so inviting. Neutral colors allow the view to shine.

7. Corner
Here's a clever use of space. The half-wall pulls double duty as a room divider and the back to nook seating.

- By Melanie Blodgett

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