7 Clever Home Improvement Hacks

1. Use sand to give paint some grip
Give paint some gripGive paint some grip
In a bucket, combine 2 cups of paint with ¾ cup of sand. Use the mixture to coat stair treads; let dry, then top them with a coat of regular paint. See more ways to get smart with your sand.

2. Peel-proof your paint job
Use vinegar for more than just salad dressingUse vinegar for more than just salad dressing
Before painting galvanized metal or concrete, wipe down the object or surface with vinegar, using a sponge or lint-free cloth. This little trick will help your paint job last longer. Believe it or not, there's more to vinegar than just salad dressing.

3. Tighten up loose fittings
DIY dental flossDIY dental floss
TOH general contractor Tom Silva has used dental floss instead of Teflon tape, to block leaky gaps around parts that screw into place. He just winds a length around the fitting's threads half a dozen turns before screwing it on.

4. Space tiles with pennies
Perfect spaces? Priceless!Perfect spaces? Priceless!
When setting tile, place pennies on end between the corners of each piece for spacers that are easy to remove. See more in 10 Uses for Coins .

5. Lighten the load of a heavy planter with packing peanuts
Snack on thisSnack on this
Pour peanuts into a large pot and add soil to boost drainage and make it easier to move. See more in 10 Uses for Packing Peanuts.

6. Purify paint with pantyhose
Handy hose to the rescueHandy hose to the rescue
Pulled taut over the top of a pail, panty hose make a fine mesh filter for straining impurities from paint. You can also create a Quick Fix for Ice Dams .

7. Clean copper with hot sauce
Good enough to eatGood enough to eat
This cleaning trick is good enough to eat! Rub Tabasco on dulled copper, rinse with water, and polish clean with a soft rag for a finish like you've never seen. You'll never guess the other nontoxic cleaners hiding in your pantry.