7 Ways to Create Shelf Space

7 creative bookshelf ideas7 creative bookshelf ideasMy husband and I have been working on converting a large storage closet into a library space in our townhouse, and I've been collecting images for the past while for inspiration. I've come to realize that home libraries are as individual as the books in them - or the people who display them. Here are 7 creative bookshelf ideas.

Ladder ShelvesLadder Shelves
1. Ladder Shelves
Here's a simple idea that looks industrial and modern. All you need are two ladders and some boards.

A Little NookA Little Nook
2. A Little Nook
Here's a cool alternative to a shelf. This surprising little nook above a sofa looks like a painting. You can stack books in many ways for different visual effects.

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A-Frame A-Frame
3. A-Frame
A unique space, like an attic, might be perfect for a little hideaway library. Just make sure you can get to all the books!

Geometric Space Geometric Space
4. Geometric Space
Books come in different sizes and these geometric shelves show that off. The different shapes of these shelves also make room for other decorative items among your books.

Pipe ShelvesPipe Shelves
5. Pipe Shelves
Here's an idea you can try yourself using pipes and reclaimed wood. I love the industrial look.
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Invisible BookshelfInvisible Bookshelf
6. Invisible Bookshelf
At first glance, it looks like these books are floating in air. This "invisible" bookshelf uses both white hardware and shelving that blends right into the wall.

Bookstore DisplayBookstore Display
7. Bookstore Display
These shallow bookcases are made of pine board and painted white. They're perfect for thin children's books and are as eye-catching as a bookstore display.

- By Jan Halvarson

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