7 Creative Solutions for Keeping Your Kitchen Clutter-Free

With items constantly going in and out of your kitchen, it's hard to keep it de-cluttered! That's why we scoured the web in search of creative solutions for keeping your kitchen clutter-free. See below for 7 tips on how to organize everything from condiments to cleaning supplies!

1. Tupperware

My biggest challenge in the kitchen is tupperware storage. I love this idea to use a CD holder for lids!
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2. Condiments
I never would have thought to put a turntable in my refrigerator!
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Baking SheetsBaking Sheets
3. Baking Sheets
Don't you hate when the cooking sheet you need is ALL the way at the bottom of the stack? This great tension rod solution is ideal!
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Pots and PansPots and Pans
4. Pots and Pans
Cupboards fill up fast! Save valuable space by hanging your pots from a shelf in the kitchen or pantry. If your pot doesn't have a large enough hole add a small chain or twine.
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Cleaning SuppliesCleaning Supplies
5. Cleaning Supplies
Another great use for a tension rod....under sink storage for cleaning supplies!
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Baking Tools Baking Tools
6. Baking Tools
A great way to clear out a few more drawers! Hang your measuring cups and spoons inside a cabinet door.
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Cooking UtensilsCooking Utensils
7. Cooking Utensils
This is my favorite way to store large untensils....in pretty conatainers out in the open. Always in arms reach of the stove!
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- By Ashley Hackshaw

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