7 Feng Shui Secrets to a Sexy Bedroom

by Laurie March for HGTVRemodels.com

When people think of feng shui (the Chinese art of spatial arrangement in relation to the flow of the earth's energy), it's usually in connection with health. Cue the Marvin Gaye playlist, because I'm going to help you get your bedroom into a foxier place, feng shui style.

Amp up the romance with these decorating tricks.The Look of Love
From a visual standpoint, feng shui suggests your bedroom could set the mood with romantic, sensual decor. Perhaps a tasteful painting that's beautiful and boldly sexy, within view of your bed and preferably in the northwest area. It might also be a good idea to make sure family photos and pictures of kids and pets are not in direct view. Soft, indirect lighting is a plus.

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Le Petit Mort
While the French may refer to sexy-time as "the little death," an analogy like that is a non-non in the feng shui philosophy. When it comes to positioning your bed, feng shui proponents recommend that it not be placed directly in line with any doors. Sleeping with your feet facing toward a door is known as the "coffin position" and is thought to invite negative forces.

Lose the Laptop

If you're looking for more make-out time in your bedroom, then it's best not to have things around that remind you of work. Store the treadmill and weights elsewhere. A television in the boudoir is not the best idea for amour. If you live for TV in bed, place it in a cabinet with closeable doors or a roll-down blind.

The Sweet Smell of Success
It's a good idea to make sure your bedroom is not too stuffy. While ceiling fans are a gray area in the world of good feng shui, you can still help air to circulate by opening a window. Aromatic chi enhancers include ylang-ylang, sandalwood and jasmine scents. Other essential oils and softly glowing scented candles are also super-sexy.

Bedroom Ayes
Keep the area underneath your bed clear and free. If the space below your mattress is used for storage, it can interfere with the flow of, um...energy.

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"We Have an Arrangement"
As I mentioned, in feng shui the way you arrange your bed in relation to your entrance door is important. So is where it sits in relation to windows and fans and chandeliers, which are referred to as "poison arrows." If they are sharply pointing downward toward you -- eek! Depending on your floor plan, all of these subtle but important things should be taken into consideration.

Animal Attraction
Fortunate symbols in feng shui to invite marriage, cash flow and children include the following:
Nuptial bliss - mandarin ducks, especially in pairs
Wealth - koi fish and waterfalls
Fertility - pictures of elephants with their trunks down or images of open pomegranates

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