Dream On! 7 Beds You'll Wish Were Yours

7 Beds from Your Fantasies7 Beds from Your FantasiesAre you someone that walks into a house and immediately wants to take a tour and see every room? I'm always so curious to see how differently people have chosen to create a feeling of comfort in their home. While some people prefer a sleek and simple look, others are all about luxury and extravagance. Get a glimpse into the many different style dream beds there are to snuggle up in with these 7 beds you'll wish were yours.

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Would you ever get out of bed?Would you ever get out of bed?1. Princess Bed
I don't think I would even get out of this bed, handmade from solid wood and covered in gold leaf.

Hanging in the TreesHanging in the Trees2. Hanging in the Trees
Here is a bed I think I could get used to, minus the whole falling out thing.

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Goddess BedGoddess Bed3. The Bali Bed
What a gorgeous bed to wake up in. You'd literally feel like you were sleeping in a genie's bottle!

HomeditHomedit4. Purple Velvet Bed
Doesn't purple mean royalty? Yes, I think I'll take this bed from the online Spanish furniture company PortabelloStreet.

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Hints of GoldHints of Gold5. Hints of Gold
Take a peek at the legs of the bed for an elegant, feminine surprise. This room is the creation of Los Angeles-based designer Betsy Burnham.

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Colorful CanopyColorful Canopy6. Colorful Canopy
This is not your traditional mosquito net canopy. Designer Justina Blakeney takes inspiration from Turkish market for this bedroom.

Shabby Chic GetawayShabby Chic Getaway7. Shabby Chic Getaway
This room is the ultimate in luxury, but not price. Shocker: the chandelier and bedding is from Target!

- By Jaime Morrison Curtis
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