7 Outside-the-Box Toy Storage Ideas

7 outside-the-box toy storage ideas7 outside-the-box toy storage ideasDoesn't it seem like toys are always on the floor? And of course you want to store toys, but standard toy storage is boring. Well, I've got some options for you! And really, who knew that toy storage could be cool? You will soon. Check out these outside-the-box toy storage ideas.

Stacked TiresStacked Tires
1. Stacked Tires
Clean up old tires, paint them, and then stack them to create storage. Kids will love the rubbery texture.
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See Through See Through
2. See Through Sack
Why didn't we think of this sooner? Store small toys in sacks, but sew in peek-a-boo windows so you know what's inside.
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Pallet CartsPallet Carts
3. Pallet Carts
Reclaimed wood boards are easy to turn into simple and budget-friendly toy storage. And wheels make them easy to move around the house.
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On the WallOn the Wall
4. On the Wall Magnetic Strip
Metal cars can be stored away. But why not put them on display using a magnetic knife holder?

Storage TownStorage Town
5. Decorative Storage Bins
All this takes is making decorative wood fronts for standard bins. This village doubles as a place to play and a storage solution.
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Not Just for ShoesNot Just for Shoes
6. Not-Just-For-Shoes Plastic Holder
Plastic shoe holders aren't just for shoes anymore - use them for action figures.

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Designer InspiredDesigner Inspired
7. Designer-Inspired Crates
Painted wooden vegetable crates serve as storage. It looks better - and costs less - than what you'll find in stores.
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- By Amy Anderson

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