7 Essentials for a Summer Picnic

7 Things to Bring on Your Summer Picnic7 Things to Bring on Your Summer PicnicIt's picnic season, one of my favorite times of the year! Whether it's an impromptu dinner at the park or an elaborate party, picnics are the perfect way to take advantage of summer sun. By having a basket full of supplies ready to grab at a moments notice, you'll end up having a lot more picnics this summer. Pick up these 7 essentials for a summer picnic to fill in any gaps in your current stash.

Taza Shoulder Strap French Market BasketTaza Shoulder Strap French Market Basket1. Taza Shoulder Strap French Market Basket
Tote all your treats and blankets with you in this basket.
Get this basket for $37.95

Weck Carafe SetWeck Carafe Set2. Weck Carafe Set
These simple carafes are perfect for filling up with water or lemonade and will also be great for an indoor dinner when it starts to cool down.
Get this carafe set for $10

Beach BlanketsBeach Blankets3. Beach Blankets
These striped blankets are perfectly casual and beachy.
Get these blankets for $48

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Gingham Check Luncheon Napkins on a RollGingham Check Luncheon Napkins on a Roll4. Gingham Check Luncheon Napkins on a Roll
Have you seen napkins on a roll before? They're a little fancier than paper napkins but still disposable. They'll make your picnic feel even more special.
Get these napkins for $28

Country Badminton SetCountry Badminton Set5. Country Badminton Set
Bring your own entertainment to your picnic with this badminton set.
Get this badminton set for $128

Duralex Picardie Clear TumblerDuralex Picardie Clear Tumbler6. Duralex Picardie Clear Tumbler
These super strong glass tumblers resist breaking, making them perfect for adventurous, outdoor dining.
Get this tumbler for $21

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Slate BoardsSlate Boards7. Slate Boards
These slate boards are the perfect way to display your spread of snacks. My favorites are a baguette, some yummy cheese and dried fruit and nuts.
Get these slate boards for $10-$30

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