7 Unbelievable Christmas Trees Made from Random Things

Would you ever think to build a Christmas tree out of $2 million worth of gold, or 216 pounds of potatoes, or 86 metal shopping carts? These people did.

The following 7 amazing Christmas trees were made out of everything from bicycles to marshmallow Peeps. Check them out, and let us know which is your favorite!

1. Heineken Beer Bottle Tree
More than one thousand Heineken bottles were used to create this Christmas tree in Shanghai, China, potentially upsetting beer fans everywhere because the bottles were full.

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2. Lobster Trap Tree
The 30-foot tall tree in Gloucester, Mass., is made from several hundred lobster traps.

3. Bicycle Christmas Tree
This Christmas tree in Sydney, Australia, was made from 100 bicycles. After Christmas they were given back so that people could continue to ride them.

4. Shopping Cart Christmas Tree
Artist Anthony Schmitt made this tree in Santa Monica with 86 metal shopping carts.

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5. Pure Gold Christmas Tree
This $2 million tree in a Tokyo store is made from pure gold and is 8 feet tall.

6. Knitted Christmas Tree
An organization in the UK called the Eden Project brought together more than 1,000 knitters to create this fabric tree.

7. Potato Christmas Tree
Students in Lima, Peru, used 216 pounds of Peruvian potatoes to create this Christmas tree.

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