7 Creative Ways to Use Old Vases

Creative re-uses for old vases...Creative re-uses for old vases...I have a cabinet above my refrigerator and in that cabinet is a collection of old vases. I've gotten flowers over the years I guess, flowers that I don't even remember, but I still have the vases. I don't want to throw them away. They are perfect for turning into something else! In looking online for some great ideas, I found some unique uses for old vases. One of my favorites were these spray painted bookends. If your vases need a little weight for this use, simply add pebbles to the bottom and you're good to go. Do you want more inspiration for ways to utilize those old vases? Check out more ideas below:

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Picture framePicture frame
1. Picture Frame
Add a photo taped to a sheet of paper to the inside of a vase for a unique frame.
Make this picture frame

Mini terrariumMini terrarium
2. Mini Terrarium
Add sand and a few succulents to a glass vase for instant plant decor.
Make this mini terrarium

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Painted decorPainted decor
3. Painted Decor

Make statement pieces from old vases by adding paint to the inside.
Make this painted decor

Pendant lampsPendant lamps
4. Pendant Lamps
If you're feeling ambitious, you can try this unique take on a pendant lamp - just turn vases upside down.
Make these lamps

Cake plateCake plate
5. Cake Plate
Create a unique way to serve a cake with a colorful vase and old plate.
Make this cake plate

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Vase plantersVase planters
6. Vase Planters

Use a collection of various sized vases to create a useful window herb garden.
Make these planters

Utensil holderUtensil holder
7. Utensil Holder
Any wide-mouth vase will work for organizing your kitchen supplies.
Make this utensil holder

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