8 Strategies to Ensure You Get What You Want for Christmas

Patricia Garcia

Photographed by Arthur Elgort, Vogue, March 1, 1998 Photographed by Arthur Elgort, Vogue, March 1, 1998 At a recent dinner with friends, one of the guys at the table shared his frustration about figuring out what to buy his girlfriend for Christmas this year. He wanted to give her something special, but had no idea where to begin. It's easy, the girls all chimed in at once. "Go on her Pinterest page!" said one of the site many compulsively use as an online wish list. "Call her best friend and ask," suggested another. And while he finally decided on Stuart Weitzman's 5050 boots-we all unanimously said we want a pair this winter-it got us thinking, how do you make sure your loved ones/significant others/friends know exactly what to gift you? Or more specifically, is there a way to subtly (or not so subtly) convey what you truly want? With that in mind, we asked fashion bloggers, editors, and designers for guidance. Turns out, many have strategies they employ during what's now being referred to as #HintingSeason-see above for their tried-and-true tips.

Leandra Medine, Founder of the Man Repeller
"This is actually something I do annually. I call my friend Claire [Distenfeld], who runs Fivestory, tell her what I want (it's usually an Olympia Le-Tan book bag), and then when family members ask me, I tell them to ask Claire what she thinks I should get. For my one-year anniversary, I actually designed a bracelet with my wedding date on it with Jennifer Fisher. I think I just outed myself to my husband."

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Neil Blumenthal, Cofounder and Co-CEO of Warby Parker
"I'd like Mark Dion's book A Field Guide and Handbook to the New York City High Line-an unofficial companion to the elevated park that runs along a stretch of Manhattan. Being a native New Yorker, my naturalist skills are pretty sad, and I could use a crash course on urban plant life. Now that Warby Parker has a store in the Meatpacking District, there's no excuse. To hint at it, I'd take my wife, Rachel, to the High Line and drop some obvious comments, like, 'What a nice bird. Wouldn't it be great if there was a book that could tell me what kind of bird it is?' She'd pick up on it pretty quickly."

Mark Guiducci, Vogue Associate Entertainment Editor
"We're all impossible to buy for in my family, so this year I sent out a specific wish list and asked everyone to return the favor. Mine includes a Citibike membership, a Saint Laurent suit, and a first edition of the catalog for the 1955 MoMA exhibition curated by Edward Steichen, The Family of Man. We'll see if my sister's eBay skills are up to par."

Tamu McPherson, Blogger of All the Pretty Birds
"I would really love a Fendi Bug Peekaboo handbag. I usually show my husband a picture of the item and say, 'Isn't this nice? I don't want it or anything, I'm just showing it to you.' He sometimes indulges me. If not, I crank up the hinting until it's pretty obvious."

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Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard, Codesigners and cofounders of Veronica Beard
"My husband, Jamie has my sisters Alexis and Claiborne on speed-dial. They are his personal elves and ensure gift-giving delight!" -Veronica Swanson Beard

"If I find something I love in a magazine or online, I'll make a black and white photocopy and I'll give it to the kids to color and draw on. They will for sure run and show their dad their masterpiece!" -Veronica Miele Beard

Sofía Sanchez Barrenechea, Art director and founder of UnderOurSky
"I'm definitely the type that sends a hint, or actually a very direct e-mail saying: "Please don't get me anything I don't need . . . . Here is my wishlist link!" It doesn't always work, as my mom always likes giving surprise presents, but at least this way I get both!"

Lauren Santo Domingo, Cofounder of Moda Operandi and Vogue Contributing Editor
"I'm not the type of girl who drops a penny in a well and waits for my wish to come true."

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