Backyard Inspiration: 8 Ways to Transform Your Shed into a Creative Space

12 Shed Ideas12 Shed Ideas Do you have a crumbling, old shed rotting away in your backyard? Or even a plot of land looking like it could use a place to escape the sun? Try turning your shed into a stylish space or even building one from scratch! The possibilities are endless - from office space to entertaining, a shed can have so many uses. Check out these 8 ideas for stylish sheds!

Shed to Office SpaceShed to Office Space1. Shed to Office Space
Look at this compact and charming shed turned into a bright, cheery, open-air office space. It's not fancy, but it's just perfect.
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Shed with Multiple RoomsShed with Multiple Rooms2. Shed with Multiple Rooms
This is a more complex shed, but you can still build it yourself. You can pick up the plans for less than $20!
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Shed with Backyard EntertainingShed with Backyard Entertaining3.Shed with Backyard Entertaining
Use your backyard shed as the hub for backyard entertaining. Check out these great ideas like the rustic outdoor counter/bar!
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Small, Charming ShedSmall, Charming Shed4. Small, Charming Shed
This tiny shed makes up in charm what it lacks in space. The windows take advantage of natural light and are perfect for an outdoor room with a view! Find out how to get the plans here!
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Light-filled Windowed ShedLight-filled Windowed Shed5. Light-filled Windowed Shed I love the colors and the accents they chose for this shed ... and of course the natural light! What a peaceful way to get some work done away from the hustle and bustle of the house.
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Five-sided ShedFive-sided Shed

6. Five-Sided Shed
90-degree angles are so last year! Build your own Pentagon and order around everyone in your house without those pesky Secret Service.
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Ultra Modern ShedUltra Modern Shed7. Ultra Modern Shed
The clean lines and natural materials make this modern design stand out. If you're a fan of the modern look, you must check this out.
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Clapboard ShedClapboard Shed8. Charming Clapboard Shed
The organic look of clapboard makes this shed extra charming and natural in a not-perfectly-groomed backyard setting. See how they did it!
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- By Jennifer Hadfield
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