9 Recycled Craft Ideas

Get creative with these do-it-yourself craft ideas made of reused materials.

1. Tree Branch Coasters

tree branch coasters

To make these rustic drink perches, you'll need a tree limb that's roughly three inches in diameter. Saw the branch into slices about 3/4 inch thick--or have a hardware store do it for you--and lightly sand each wood disk. Create the leaf motifs shown by pressing an inked stamp onto each coaster. Let dry for five minutes, then coat the stamped side with a protective matte finishing spray. Allow 15 minutes of drying time before using. See where we bought all our supplies »

2. Sewing Pattern Flowers

An elementary school craft takes on a sophisticated edge when fashioned from the tissue-thin paper of old sewing patterns. See the easy 3-step how-to »

3. Pump Up a Plain Mason Jar

mason jar soap dispenser

Who knew these classic glass canisters could clean up so well? To repurpose one as a soap dispenser, measure and mark the center of the jar's lid. Drill a hole approximately half an inch wide, at the marked spot, to fit the width of a soap dispenser pump. Fill the jar with liquid soap, insert the pump (and trim, if needed), and start washing.

4. Postcard Wallet

Stitch up vintage postcards to make slim wallets and business card holders. See how we made it! »

5. Fork and Spoon Drawer Pulls

fork and spoon door pulls

Fashion these sturdy handles from two same-size serving pieces. Flip one facedown, then following the package directions, apply bonding glue to the flat end of a one-inch aluminum screw post. Quickly press the post to the base of the flatware's handle (approximately a half inch from the end), and hold until a bond forms. Let dry for 20 minutes. At the serving end of the utensil, find the flattest point to glue on a second post (approximately two inches in from the end). Let dry, then repeat for second utensil. Remove your existing cabinet hardware and drill new holes, if necessary, to correspond with the posts. Finish by screwing flatware into place from the inside of the doors.

6. CD Case Artwork

Rather than tossing plastic CD covers in the trash, mount them on your walls with this resourceful project. Get our step-by-step how-to »

7. Jewelry Magnets

Instead of letting vintage brooches gather dust in your jewelry box, turn them into refrigerator magnets: Use a pair of needle-nose pliers to remove the pin hardware from the back of each brooch (most fittings will come off easily); then affix a superstrong magnet with a small bead of glue - we used Gorilla Super Glue. Let dry overnight. Your grocery list has never looked more glam!

8. Buttoned-Up Bolsters

Worn dress shirts go from closet castaways to pillowcases in six steps. Get the full directions »

9. Bowl Lampshades

An enlightened take on the pendant lamp, this project uses ceramic yellowware to glowing effect. See the entire how-to »

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