I AM Righteousness in Jesus Christ

We are not victims
But victors
We are more than conquerors
In the Lord
I am righteousness
In the sight of Father God
Because I brought my Risen Savior
From sacrificial death on a cross
And at the name of Jesus
Every knee shall bow
The things of heaven, the things of earth
And things further down
So let us not forget the power
Of the name of Jesus over the enemy
For in the TRUTH of Jesus
We have truly been set free
And in Jesus, our Bread of Life
We find hope, we put our faith
And not in our works, but our worship
We abide in His mercy and grace
Jesus is the Name Above All Names
He is the King of Kings
The One and Only Son of God
The Christ Who forever reigns
And I am an heir with Jesus
To the throne of a Holy God
From poverty to riches
My underserved yet given lot
And to Jesus I owe a pledge of allegiance
To Him, an unblemished Lamb
The God of all Salvation
The Great I AM