Assert Your Independence with Aries' Energy!

Assert Your Independence with Aries' Energy!
Today, love planet Venus joins the unpredictable energy of Uranus in assertive Aries -- so expect your instinct for independence to prevail and your rebel-yell impulses to dominate!

The best way to leverage this strong cosmic influence is to reconnect with your most authentic self. After weeks of Pisces' murky ways, Venus in Aries rejects the experience of trying to merge with (or get lost in) another person. So, instead of stirring up trouble in existing relationships in an effort to reclaim your freedom, use your relationships as a mirror to honor your own uniqueness.

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If you have difficulty asserting your needs in relationships, this is an excellent opportunity to break out of co-dependent patterns. Aries makes it very direct and clear about what it wants and needs; as a result, you can expect to have very little patience now for unmet needs or any lack of respect for individualism. The current dose of heavy Aries influence will bust through any wishy-washy nonsense. Tremendous breakthroughs are possible now if you're willing to take a risk or two.

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It's important to stay true to your most basic -- and even selfish -- needs for the time being, or you could find yourself pitching fits that feel out of your control. This current planetary influence represents a shaking-up of the status quo in your relationship patterns. A few questions to ask yourself now include: What have you been afraid to assert up to this point? How are you denying yourself in order to keep the peace or be liked? In what ways do you fall prey to passive-aggressive measures?

Champion your own cause! When you do, you'll learn first-hand how staying true to yourself will actually strengthen your relationships.

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