Best Budget Cruises for Under $65 a Night

By Louis DeNicola,

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Cruises offer the convenience of entertainment, meals, and activities served up while you sail among magnificent destinations. Because of shifting weather patterns and a lull between summer and holiday travel, October and November are historically low-cost times for taking a cruise. Add to that a couple of years of bad PR for the cruise industry and you get prices that sink even lower than usual. MarketWatch points out that procuring a stateroom on some recent cruises has cost less than staying at a Motel 6.

Related: Inexpensive car rental companies reviews and recommendations researched cruise ships with modern amenities and many positive recommendations from experts and passengers before narrowing down the fleet to four options that start at less than $65 per person per night. That's the price for an interior stateroom with double occupancy. Rooms with ocean views or balconies and suites have higher price tags, although special deals may allow for free upgrades. To get the entire picture of what a vacation will cost, prospective passengers must factor in taxes, fees, drinks, and optional excursions. Meals at certain restaurants may not be included in the fare and tipping is another cost to consider, although gratuity is sometimes added automatically.

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