The Best Celebrity Tweets of 2011

The holidays are a time for reflection on the year behind us. And what better way to remember what was on the collective American consciousness in 2011 than to turn to the Twittersphere? Like a time capsule in 140 characters or less, these celebrity (using the term loosely) tweets-some random, some relevant, all insightful-are among the best of 2011.

Snooki, @Snooki

"I feel like shopping for obnoxious over the top gaudy animal print

In other words: "It's Wednesday."

5 Celeb Stories We Hope Don't Make It to 2012

John Hodgman, @hodgman
John Hodgman
"Everything good I have done, I have done on a Mac."

And he's a P.C.

Weird Al Yankovic, @alyankovic
Weird Al
"72 Days is now an official unit of time known as a Kardash."

Four Kardash and seven years ago…

Gifts We'd Give Our Fave Tabloid Train Wrecks

Kat Dennings, @OfficialKat
Kat Dennings
"Every time a magazine photoshops my nose, a nazi gets its wings. #nosepride"

So right it's wrong.

Demetri Martin, @DemetriMartin
Demetri Martin
"This is what a wasted moment looks like."

In fact, he is absolutely right.

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