The Best Fitness Tips from People Whose Body is Their Career

Nicole Bulcher, Dallas Cowboys cheerleaderNicole Bulcher, Dallas Cowboys cheerleaderBeing fit and healthy is important for most people, but for a select few, staying in tip-top shape is actually part of their job description. All that pressure can be tough, so we asked these pros to share the healthy living tips that make each paycheck possible.

1. Nicole Bulcher, Dallas Cowboys cheerleader: Nicole Bulcher, Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, swears by the Barre Method to get her "dancer's body". "The small and precise exercises work every muscle over the entire length of the body, and after you max-out each muscle group, you stretch it. I had never done this before, although my flexibility definitely showed improvement within the first couple of weeks."

Kiana TomKiana Tom2. Kiana Tom, fitness model: Kiana Tom, fitness model and host of ESPN's Flex Appeal, says success is as much mental as it is physical. "I am a goal setter and I set more goals every day. I keep lists of goals in my office to stay on track."

Ashley BouderAshley Bouder3. Ashley Bouder, ballet dancer: Ashley Bouder, principal dancer for the NYC Ballet, makes use of every minute. "When I'm watching TV at night, I'm not a couch potato, I'm always stretching and exercising. I'll put tennis balls under my back or feet. I might be on the floor doing the splits."

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Miranda KerrMiranda Kerr4. Miranda Kerr, Victoria's Secret model: Miranda Kerr, Victoria's Secret Angel and new mom, shares how she balances working out with motherhood. "I do have less time, but I do try to exercise every day. I exercise at home with my son playing around with his toys on the floor." Kerr particularly loves "yoga, Pilates, and weight training with resistance bands."

Hope SoloHope Solo5. Hope Solo, soccer player: Hope Solo, goalie for the U.S. women's soccer team and Dancing With the Stars alum, reminds us that mental strength is just as important as physical strength. "I've always found myself to come out stronger than before. If you don't let something break you, you're going to come out better in the end."

Beth RoddenBeth Rodden6. Beth Rodden, rock climber: Beth Rodden, world-famous rock climber, on taking the long view: "When I was younger, if I would miss a training day or a climbing opportunity, it was very hard on me. But now, I am getting better at seeing climbing fit into my life as a whole, seeing it as a lifelong thing, and if I don't climb something hard all the time, it's okay."

Jillian MichaelsJillian Michaels7. Jillian Michaels, celebrity personal trainer: Jillian Michaels, celebrity personal trainer, says it's the little choices that count. "Transformation is not five minutes from now; it's a present activity. In this moment you can make a different choice, and it's these small choices and successes that build up over time to help cultivate a healthy self-image and self-esteem.

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Kara GoucherKara Goucher8. Kara Goucher, olympic athlete: Kara Goucher, Olympian and elite marathoner, is all about moderation. "I used to be super restrictive about what I ate and watched everything I put into my mouth. Then I went the other way and ate a little bit too much of everything. Now, I'm in a healthier place. No food is off limits-if I tell myself I can't have something, I'm way more likely to eat the entire container than if I allow myself to just have some. So I eat healthy most of the time, but if I want dessert, or a glass of wine, I have it!"

Venus WilliamsVenus Williams9. Venus Williams, tennis champion: Venus Williams, tennis star and fashion designer, shows there's nothing wrong with a little fashion inspiration. "I wear a lot of tight dresses, so I'm like, 'I need to do my sit-ups!'" The tennis star also advocates cross training, saying that she likes to try a lot of different things to stay fit. "I started swimming. I love being in the water-and I was never was a good swimmer-but in the last week, I've learned to swim."

Laurieann GibsonLaurieann Gibson10. Laurieann Gibson, choreographer: Laurieann Gibson, professional hip-hop dancer, E! network host, and former Lady Gaga choreographer, says she taught the pop star the importance of seeing food as fuel after Lady Gaga fainted on stage. Gibson explains that now, "It's all about salsa with grain chips, tofu, turkey slices, hummus, and coconut water" to keep dancing.

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