Chalk Full of Ideas: 12 Creative Projects Using Chalkboard Paint

12 Creative Projects Using Chalkboard Paint12 Creative Projects Using Chalkboard PaintChalkboard paint is everywhere, which makes me happy because there are just so many fun ways to use it! Paint a wall, paint a flower pot, paint a fridge (seriously!) … you can even make your own if you feel so inclined. Chalkboard surfaces around the house provide the ultimate canvas for creativity for any passers-by. Everyone will love your fun, whimsical attitude toward your decor! Click through the gallery below for 12 creative projects using chalkboard paint.

Chalkboard Container LabelsChalkboard Container Labels1. Chalkboard Container Labels
Dress up your basic kitchen containers with these chalkboard labels spotted at Better Homes and Gardens. Re-label the jar when you change what you keep in it without unsightly sticker markings or cross-outs!
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Chalkboard DresserChalkboard Dresser2. Chalkboard Dresser
Makeover an old dresser with chalkboard paint! The opportunities are endless - practical labeling, inspirational quotes, beautiful drawings ... it's all up to you!
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Personalize Your ChairsPersonalize Your Chairs3. Personalized Chairs
Give your chairs a facelift with this little trick. A fun way to claim your spot at the dinner table forevermore or to welcome guests, instead of using place cards!
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Chalkboard StripeChalkboard Stripe4. Chalkboard Stripe
Rather than do a whole wall, how about a stripe around the room? A fun addition to a kids' room that can easily be painted over.
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Chalkboard WallChalkboard Wall5. Chalkboard Wall
Draw a headboard, a lamp, a table, whatever you please!
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Magnetic ChalkboardMagnetic Chalkboard6. Magnetic Chalkboard
Make your chalkboard paint magnetic to have a cool option for a desk or office space.
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Kitchen ArtKitchen Art7. Kitchen Art
Got a kitchen island or bar? Turn it into a functional piece of art. A great way to keep the kids entertained while you're cooking or to display the menu for that night's meal!
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Medicine Cabinet MakeoverMedicine Cabinet Makeover8. Medicine Cabinet Makeover
Create some extra storage space plus a spot for notes and lists by transforming an old medicine cabinet or vanity.
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Chalkboard Wall CalendarChalkboard Wall Calendar9. Chalkboard Wall Calendar
This chalkboard wall calendar would look awesome in an office or study!
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Chalkboard Painted Wine BottlesChalkboard Painted Wine Bottles10. Chalkboard-painted Wine Bottles
Use chalkboard-painted wine bottles as part of a table setting, what a great idea for a dinner party!
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Chalkboard Coffee TableChalkboard Coffee Table11. Chalkboard Coffee Table
I really like the idea of transforming an old coffee table with a bit of paint and a chalkboard top. This would be great for keeping score on family game night!
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Chalkboard DoorChalkboard Door12. Chalkboard Door
Pick a door, any door, paint it up! Great for holiday decorations, welcoming guests or just switching it up!
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