How to Find Cheap Gas During Summer Travel

By Alyssa Goldman,

With summer travel in full swing, now's the time to get acquainted with the best money-saving gas apps. We took the guesswork out of choosing among the plentiful supply and compiled a list of the best gas apps. Each has its pros and cons, but any, or all, should have you speeding along cheaply to your summer destinations. Better yet, they're all free.

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Save money with these gas apps.1. GasBuddy. Unpassable in the fast lane of gas apps, GasBuddy helps you locate nearby gas stations and supplies real-time gas prices. How are prices so accurate? This best gas app motivates the community of users to update prices with weekly offerings for the chance to win $250 worth of gas.
Pros and Cons: GasBuddy garners nearly all positive reviews and a 5-star rating. iPhone users who commented in the iTunes store say the gas app is extremely user friendly, the navigation feature works like a charm, and prices are almost always accurate. Blackberry users who posted reviews on App World praise its accuracy and say the gas app saves them big time.
Cost: Free
Availability: iPhone, Android, Blackberry

2. Waze. Zooming into the fast lane, Waze has already made a big impact on the driving community. As a social media driving app, Waze uses a community approach to "Outsmarting traffic, together" (its slogan) by asking users to report traffic issues; the navigation system then reroutes you when road conditions change. Waze also lets drivers report real-time gas prices, which clears the path to taking the cheapest route. Additionally, Waze users get special discounts at select gas stations.
Pros and Cons: Most app users are true Waze believers, and like how interactive and personalized it is. What makes this a best gas app is the opportunity to choose a route that avoids traffic and/or one that saves money on fuel.
Cost: Free
Availability: iPhone, Android

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3. YP Mobile. A gas app that reports gas prices and helps you locate businesses, such as bars, restaurants, hotels, and doctors, YP Mobile (YP stands for Yellow Pages) is a best gas app that saves users money while on the go.
Pros and Cons: YP Mobile gets mostly positive reviews at the Google Play app store, but some say this best gas app runs a little slow and occasionally lists businesses that have moved or shut down. Aside from these few gripes, most users report success in finding the lowest gas prices nearby.
Cost: Free
Availability: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, other smartphone devices
4. Gas Guru. Gas Guru, another app brought to you by, focuses primarily on finding cheap gas prices. Based on your location (or your saved "favorite" location), the gas app identifies the cheapest gas stations and labels them best, good, or other. "Best" means the prices at that particular station are among the top 20 percent of cheapest gas stations, "good" means they're in the top 50 percent, and "other" means the station's prices fall outside the top 60 percent.
Pros and Cons: Gas Guru gets a big nod of approval from Appolicious, which says this best gas app is very useful in scouting out cheap gas stations and can help drivers plan an entire outing based on the cheapest fuel stops. Most users applaud its accuracy but some reviewers report kinks with the GPS.
Cost: Free
Availability: iPhone, Android

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5. AAA Mobile. AAA Mobile encompasses the functions of three apps: AAA Discounts, AAA Roadside and AAA TripTik Mobile. The TripTik feature focuses on trip planning and directions, but also provides gas station locations and current fuel prices and helps users find accommodations, restaurants, attractions, and more. The AAA Mobile app lets users request roadside assistance if they're AAA members and can locate member discounts.
Pros and Cons: AAA Mobile ranks last on our list because users in both the iTunes and Google Play app stores write that the gas app just doesn't meet AAA standards. Many users complain of frequent crashes and hard-to-use maps.
Cost: Free (even for non-AAA members)
Availability: iPhone, Android
App Cost Smartphone iTunes Rank Android Rank Blackberry Rank
1. GasBuddy free iPhone, Android, Blackberry 5 stars current version, 5 all versions 4.6; 432,793 reviews 4.5; 8,146 reviews
2. Waze free iPhone, Android 5 stars current version, 4.5 all versions 4.6; 601,151 reviews
3. YP Mobile free iPhone, Android, Blackberry, other 4.5 current version, 4.5 all versions 4.5; 74,200 reviews 3.5; 91 reviews
4. Gas Guru free iPhone, Android 4.5 current version, 4.5 all versions 4.4; 935 reviews
5. AAA Mobile free iPhone, Android 4 current version, 3 all versions 3.7;1,801 reviews

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