Chinese New Year: Year of the Water Dragon

Chinese New Year: Year of the Water Dragon
Chinese New Year begins Monday, January 23, ushering in the Year of the Water Dragon! After 2011's rather meat-and-potatoes Year of the Metal Rabbit, you're about to find yourself on the ride of your life!

Everything is magnified tenfold in a Dragon year, so it's no surprise that commotion, turmoil and general hullabaloo will characterize the year ahead. The coming 12 months are set to be a bumpy road with interludes of joyful, elaborate festivities. Fortunes will be made and lost with lightning speed; events will be charged with rare intensity. In short, 2012 will be a year of hell-raising and exorbitant fun!

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Dragon years are favorable for the enterprising and ambitious, so if you want to succeed at something major, start early this year. In China, it's said that a Dragon year brings luck to those who dare to speak out, take charge and even take over! So, don't give up. Express yourself openly. Show no fear.

Dragons are fearless and direct to a fault -- but they are not without ruse. They're clever go-getters who are always in the running for first place. They want to excel at every endeavor. Dragon years, therefore, are favorable for people who have the courage to take risks, stand fast in the face of danger and hold firmly to their principles. On the other hand, if you're the timid and shy sort -- if you tend to shrink in the face of challenge and don't speak up for what you want -- a Dragon year like the one ahead can be rigorous, and even a bit frightening at times.

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The months to come will be tumultuous, stormy and full of rebellion. And while Dragons may be despotic, they're also benevolent and sentimental. In this coming Dragon year, anyone who's hurting is going to hoot and holler until they get their fair share!

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