Client Loses Over 50 Pounds in 2 Sessions!

KathleenCKathleenCAct now to reach this awesome goal in less than 1 week. That's right, less than 1 week. All we ask you to do is give up one thing. Clutter! Paper clutter that is.

As Americans we collectover 34 pounds of junk mail a year. The average person filesover 3000 documents a year with about 97% of those documents never referenced again. Our sense of importance and value seems to have gotten misdirected throughout the years. We spend more time trying to find items that we have put somewhere around our home or office, instead of using this extra time with our family and activities we enjoy. Statistics show than an average of 90 minutes a day is spent looking for lost or misplaced items.

I recently worked with a client in his home office who shredded over 40 pounds of paper and recycled about the same! My client was invigorated. This huge organizationalweight had been sitting on his shoulders for years and was now, almost magically removed. A sense of creativity resurfaced. Energy was restored and his work became more productive. Within a short period, he found more time for his family and hobbies that he enjoyed.

You too, can experience a new surge of energy, creativity, and find more spare time. The magic solution is quite simple. Schedule an office clean-out day. An office clean-out day is cleansing in more ways than one. Working in a cluttered environment can cause stress, lack of creativity, and reduced productivity. Most people wait until they get to the breaking point of disorganization before they reach out for help. Don't wait that long. Take action now!

Here are some practical tips to get you started:

1. Make a plan What do you want to accomplish? Desk, Closet, Bookcases, Files

2. Be reasonable of what you can accomplish in the time allotted.

3. Schedule time on your calendar to do the work without interruptions!

4. Have a stapler, trashcan, & shredder

5. Minimize windows or turn off your computer

6. Silence your phone

7. Dress comfortably

8. Turn on your favorite music

Once you have de-cluttered your area, then it's time to organize yourself to keep from getting into the same mess again. Our Alpha-Omega organizer is perfect for the job. It allows you to be more organized because it has a place to file papers, reminders, projects, and all your other important information.

If you would like to make your reorganization time even more productive, schedule an appointment with an Organizing Consultant. They will train you and give you the skills needed to achieve a quicker organizing process. By working with a trained professional, you will stay on task better and have a higher success rate of staying organized after they leave.

Don't let your lack of effective organization keep you from doing the things you enjoy.

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