Here Comes Santa Claus ... And He's a Sagittarius!

Celebrate Santa Claus -- and see why he's so jolly!

His eyes, how they twinkle. His dimples, how merry! His cheeks are like roses, his nose like a cherry! We're talking about St. Nicholas, of course, who's coming to town as we speak -- and you'd better watch out because he's a Sagittarius!

Er, at least we think he is. The American Santa Claus as we know him is based on surviving legends of Saint Nicholas, a bishop born in the fourth-century in a port town of what is now Turkey. Little is known about the man himself, but he is celebrated around the world on December 6 -- smack in the middle of Sagittarius season -- as well as inspiring the modern day Santa Claus and Father Christmas stories all over the world.

If Santa Claus is a Sagittarius, it explains a lot. His preference for the color red, for example -- the signature color of Astrology Fire signs, such as Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is also ruled by the lucky planet Jupiter, which is associated with growth and opportunity. That makes this sign full of energy and a desire to explore. Both of those things are pretty much job requirements for Santa, right?

Then there's that happy-go-lucky Sagittarius attitude. They're the most jolly zodiac sign, for sure, and they've been known to party and indulge to excess. Hello! No wonder his belly is like a bowl full o' jelly!

Sagittarius is symbolized by the bold Centaur, and they are known for being speedy -- which is surely how Santa makes it around the world in such record time. But in truth it's Santa who better watch out, because his sign's speediness can be reckless -- and we don't want any sleigh accidents amid all the cosmic chaos this Christmas Eve.

Oh, and did we mention -- Sagittarius is a sign known for being naughty flirts -- so we're pretty sure daddy really did see mommy kissing Santa Claus last night. She probably ran into him while leaving cookies in the living room and said, "Santa baby, what's your sign?"

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