Concrete Jungle: 6 Ways to Create a Garden on Your Patio

A little garden for your patio!A little garden for your patio!Take it from me, living in a rental it doesn't mean you can't have your own thriving garden. Tomatoes, flowers, fresh zucchini -- I want it all! This time of year I'm always on the hunt for great ways to introduce a little green into my life. At a minimum, fresh herbs are a must! Nothing jazzes up summer meals as quickly and easily as a dash of freshly picked basil or cilantro. What's a garden-lover to do? No worries!

Here are 6 cool ideas for patio gardening to help you maximize your green with minimal space!

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Shutter PlantersShutter PlantersShutter Planters
Re-purpose old shutters by turning them into cool wall planters. These would be perfect for herbs and other small plants.
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Pallet GardenPallet GardenPallet Garden
Want an instant garden in a box? Find an old wooden pallet and stuff it full of your favorite greenery!
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Shoe Organizer PlanterShoe Organizer PlanterShoe Organizer Planter
An innovative and inexpensive idea: Using your shoe hanger as plant holders. Add a little color and design to your shoe hanger by decorating it with Sharpies!
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Wine Crate GardenWine Crate GardenWine Crate Garden
This is an easy and chic way to spice up your patio by using old wine crates to create mini gardens. Line these up along a bench or sidewalk.
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Wall-mounted Mason Jar PlantersWall-mounted Mason Jar PlantersWall-Mounted Mason Jar Planters
Transform recycled mason jars into instant mini gardens by mounting them to the wall. It's a creative and unique way to add some green to your scenery.
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Floating PlantersFloating PlantersFloating Planters
They're floating! You could easily plant herbs and even flowers for a punch of color on your patio. Make sure to use metal strings to hold up the contraption for sturdiness.
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- By Cyd Converse
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