The Confessions of an Overthinker

"Daily Teen

You need to step up and see what's going on with your people -- they might need your style of enthusiastic energy to help them get started on something sweet. Keep pushing until they tell you to stop."

As much as I love seeing my horoscope, I'm going to have to have to disagree with this one. As summer is coming to a halting stop to begin my sophomore year, I am single and not quiet ready to mingle. Even though I'm the one that called it off, I try to stay on friendly bases and help this one guy I thought I loved with his guilt problem, all I got was a very sensitive guy calling me a problem. As as sure as my hair is awful at the moment, I will never talk to the jerk again, I won't even say his name...unless I run into him in the halls this August, but I'll make sure that won't happen.
As much as I hate that this is coming down like a bomb shell, this will not only hurt him but me as well. I still think to myself if I should have let this happen, that if this could have been better. But coming for the mouth from the wisest girl on television, "Don't let the past dwell with your judgement", I will stop think about the sensitive guy and start worry about my history homework, sophomore year, and introducing my sister to the sweet place I call high school.
Am I just being a whiney little child or do I just need closer in this situation, if there is a situation? Or am I just looking at this in one view?