Cool & quirky dorm room items

When kids go off to college, leaving the comforts of home can be a tough thing  --- let’s be serious, what 18-year old wants to abandon home-cooked meals, a big comfy couch, and a warm and cozy bedroom? We don’t know any. But, just because a college dorm room may not have all the amenities of home, it can easily become a space you love to live. With a few key items, living the dorm life can become living the good life. Shine’s Senior Work & Money Editor Lylah Alphonse stopped by “The Shine” with the coolest and quirkiest dorm room items on the market.

To get your hands on any of the items mentioned in the video, click below:

Scribe, $32.99

Pivot Power, $29.99

Bandits, $9.99

Coca-Cola Mini Fridge, $70.52

Yu Shan Mini Workstation, $85

Home Design Etagere Floor Lamp, $113.91