My Dirty Little Secret: I Have a Cleaning Lady

I am Domestically DisableI am Domestically DisableI love my house when it's clean. You would think that would motivate me to keep it clean. Eh. No dice. As the pictures says, I am domestically disabled. Instead, I will gladly get my hair cut at Great Clips so that I can afford a cleaning lady. A few months ago I wrote a tragic and heart-breaking post about my cleaning lady. OK, maybe it was only tragic and heart-breaking to me.

The wonderful, happy ending to this story is that Rosa moved back. She hated her new city and she came back and picked up all of her old clients - even me.

Yesterday was my day for Rosa's visit and today I am working in a dust-free, freshly vacuumed and mopped environment with little or no clutter.

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The question now is, how long can the house stay like this? Already I've seen Legos working their way out of bins, stuffed animals invading the family room and mail piling up on the counter. It looks like my bliss won't even last 24 hours.

This is when you say, "Come on, Jen, don't be so lazy. Just clean up every night before bed." To which I reply, "Bite me." By the time my kids are in bed and the house is quiet and I have a moment of peace to myself to use the bathroom in privacy or watch terrible television, the last thing on my mind is dusting.

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Nope. I will continue to employ Rosa (I'm a job creator now) and someday if I win the Mega Millions Lottery, I will employ Rosa every day. That's right. I will hire Rosa to come to my house every single day. Forget fancy cars or private planes, my lottery millions will go to keeping my house clean.

Are you domestically disabled like me? Would you spend money on a cleaning lady? If you won the lottery, what would be at the top of your list of must-haves?

- By Jen
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