Dance to Your Own Drumbeat This Full Moon!

Dance to Your Own Drumbeat This Full Moon!
Once every three years or so, we see two full Moons in a row in the same sign; in fact, the last time we had two consecutive full Moons in the sign of Aquarius was August 1983. With this month's second full Moon occurring in Aquarius on Tuesday, August 20, it's round two of the contest to remain emotionally objective in all situations. Do all you can to take the high road!

During full Moons, the tides of emotion and passion are at their peak. However, Aquarian Moons aren't known for unbounded emotional displays. Instead, they prefer a more cautious and reserved approach to self-expression.

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Even if dramatic displays of affection won't be on tap this Tuesday, being true to yourself will be. You may find your desire to remain authentic in direct conflict with your desire for applause. Sometimes it may seem easier to take the safe route and please the crowd. But two Aquarian full Moons in a row are a reminder to dance to your own drumbeat -- regardless of what others may say about it.

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The Moon will be full at 9:44 pm EDT on Tuesday, August 20. At sunset, when the full Moon rises in the east opposite the Sun, it may appear reddish and little larger than usual. Set a calendar reminder to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous, glowing orb!

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