Are You Daring Enough to Try These Hair Trends?

Calling all color lovers: If you thought playing around with rainbow hues was limited to your clothes and accessories, think again. Today some of the hottest celebs are unabashedly showing off their bold colored hair -- from dipped tips to pastel streaks.

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But you don't have to be an A-lister to pull off this hair trend. We've found some of the coolest and brightest hair coloring tricks that can work on anyone. And if you don't want to make the commitment and dye your hair, we even found some quick, non-damaging coloring techniques just for you. Scroll down to check out our favorite hair color trends or click here for the full list.

Pretty in Pink

Teal green. Deep blue. Pale peach. These are just some of the colors girls are trying right now. But the most popular shade? "All the girls want pink -- and there are hundreds of shades of pink," says Janine Jarman, owner of Hairroin Salon in Hollywood, Calif. Sarah Merrie, colorist and extension expert agrees, adding that all kinds of pastel shades are hot right now. "It's almost summer so girls are going for lighter colors, plus pastels don't cause as big of a contrast with many natural hair colors. It creates more of a subtle effect."

Darker jewel tones are also very popular, says Merrie. Beet purples and deep blues are finding their way into the mix. Another bonus to choosing a deep jewel tone like blue is the variety of hues that appear when the color begins to fade. "I love blue because it eventually fades to a turquoise green," says celebrity hair colorist Kari Hill.

As for the colors to avoid, Hill says she hasn't seen a lot of primary colors, like bright red or yellow, or deep green.

End With A Splash ... of Color

Dipped tips are the most popular way to wear this hair color trend. The process requires a pretty big commitment because the hair must be bleached before any color is applied -- even if you're already blonde. Because this process is complex, many stylists recommend that you get your tips dipped at the salon. You can also get a wider variety of hues since the color is mixed to your preference.

Merrie explains how the process works: First, the stylist applies the bleach to the ends of the hair. After the hair has turned a light yellow color, the stylist blots the hair. Then, she applies the color pigment to the bleached areas. Once the color has set, the stylist rinses the hair, revealing the final color. If you've already experimented with the ombre look, you have a leg up. "This is great for girls who had the ombre look. They already have the bleached tips, so they just need to add color," says Hill.

Keep in mind, bleaching your hair will damage it, so it's usually easier to trim the colored ends off rather than try to re-dye them.

Colorblock It

Dipped tips not your thing? Looking for more impact? Try colorblocking. Much like colorblocking your clothes, colorblocking your hair is a "dye technique that creates a defined geometric accent of color," explains O'Connor. One way to do this is to dye your hair at the crown one color and use another color from the nape down.

Since it's such a precise method, Merrie recommends getting your hair colorblocked at a salon. "You really need to know your head shape and how the hair falls to get a good colorblocked look," she says.

Tie-Dye: Not Just For Clothes

If colorblocking is too dramatic, try the tie-dye method. It's when two to three colors are applied to the hair so that the color fades from dark or light (or vice versa). "I think of this as a fun version of ombre for longer hair," says O'Connor.

To get the look, O'Connor says she starts by pulling the hair into a ponytail at the nape of the neck. Next, she sections the hair into multiple parts and secures each section with another elastic. (Tip: "It's important that the rubber bands are tight," O'Connor says.) Finally, apply the various colors to each section in the order you would like them to fade. Once the hair has been processed, remove the elastics and "squish all the colors through the ends."

Let's Chalk

Not ready to dye your hair at all? No worries. You can still get in on the dye trend in a less permanent way. The solution: chalking, which has been spotted on celebs like Lauren Conrad and Kate Bosworth.

Chalking involves coloring your hair with soft pastels or sidewalk chalk. Since it only lasts until your next shampoo, this look is super non-committal. And unlike other dye jobs that require you to bleach your hair before coloring, this doesn't, which means less damage to your hair. No surprise that it's a favorite with many hairstylists. "Chalking is something every girl can do," says Hill.

And if you're worried that chalking won't show up on darker hair colors, don't. Hill says, "You can get it to show up very well on brunettes. It's just about heavily applying the color."

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Now it's your turn: Which hair dying trend would you try? Leave your comment in the box below.

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