DIY: 3 HOT Summer Craft Books

By DIY Diva Malia Karlinsky,

Modge Podge RocksModge Podge Rocksnew books on crafts, entertaining and home decor

As the thermometer starts to rise... the chaise lounge begins to beckon you: "Sit here, get a tall glass of lemonade and grab a good book!" For those of us who like to DIY (do-it-yourself), the typical fluffy beach read won't do. We want something with colorful photos and step-by-step tutorials. Well, we're in luck my crafty friends. There is a plethora of fun and inspiring reads out there-- just in time for summer.

3 HOT Summer DIY Books

1. Modge Podge Rocks: Decoupage Your World by Amy Anderson
Now this is a book you can REALLY sink a foam brush into. Modge Podge, that crafting supply staple, has been around for more than 45 years. But even with all of it's time tested popularity-- Modge Podge expert and enthusiast Amy Anderson has found exciting new ways to use the versatile craft medium for all sorts of charming (and very doable) projects.

Decoupage Your World Decoupage Your World

Her new book Modge Podge Rocks: Decoupage Your World is devoted to Modge Podge... a combo glue, sealer and finish that's very user friendly.

Anderson is a well known blogger (Modge Podge Rocks) and crafter and she's genuinely psyched about the product. As she writes in the book, "It wasn't until I held up my first bottle of Modge Podge that I realized I had found the Holy Grail of crafting."

If you like creating, you'll love this book. The projects are fun and use all sorts different materials-- traditional and non-traditional, including a bike helmet, mailbox and suitcase.

My all-time favorite, though has got to be the "Mod Boots," yes, boots modge-podged with fabric. So cute, and a great upcycle for a pair of shoes that has seen better days.

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Mod BootsMod BootsThis is an easy to navigate craft book, with tons of photos and simple directions. You'll find a nice mix of techniques that might be familiar and new methods you might now have considered. Plus there tutorials for makiing cool things to wear, sprucing up the home and creating decor for the holidays. There is a happy vibe throughoutModge Podge Rocks and you are sure to find many projects that will inspire you to create.

The other neat thing about Modge Podge itself is that it's very kid-friendly. So even if you are enjoying some relaxing reading time, lounging on the chaise this summer... and you're interrupted by some little ones who want you to do something with them... you can grab the Mod Podge Rocks book and a bottle of the product and make something fun together.

2. celebraTORI: Unleashing Your Inner Party Planner to Entertain Friends and Family by Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling Tori Spelling Tori Spelling put together her first party (a roller-skating themed turquoise and pink soiree) when she was just eight... and she's been entertaining ever since. In celebraTORI: Unleashing Your Inner Party Planner to Entertain Friends and Family she shares her tips and tricks-- and even reveals a few "fails" along the way. In the book, you'll find some good basic advice on choosing a theme, the brainstorming process, decor, flowers, food and drink, the dessert table and finishing touches... as well as some gloriously over-the-top craft and party ideas.

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Tori has style to spare and that's reflected in her events. Even though she is originally from Beverly Hills, 90210... Tori has some down-to-earth tips on working within a budget. I also found some great info in this book about those situations we sometimes find ourselves in when hosting a party-- but aren't sure exactly how to handle... like dealing with a guest who has too much alcohol or what to do it you run out of food. Speaking of food, there are some delicious recipes in the book too.

But the real pleasure of celebraTori is hearing Tori's voice through her stories about the party planning process and the absolutely gorgeous celebrations that are the result. Especially notable are Tori's decadent "Cowboys and Lace Party" and her cleverly planned "Game Night" event. Reading celebraTori feels like gabbing with a good girlfriend... who happens to have fantastic taste and the ability to transform her ideas into incredible celebrations.

3. I Brake For Yard Sales and Flea Markets, Thrift Shops, Auctions and the Occasional Dumpster by Lara Spencer

Lara SpencerLara SpencerDumpster divers... be proud! Even gorgeous TV personality Lara Spencer has been known to "take a dive" for those (furniture) diamonds in the rough. In her new book I Brake for Yard Sales and Flea Markets, Thrift Shops, Auctions and the Occasional Dumpster, Spencer reveals her tips for how to "rescue, recycle, and reinvent secondhand items." The Good Morning America anchor comes across like she does on TV... witty and personable.

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Spencer first started her career as a "yard saler" when she was just a wee tot, spending Saturday mornings with a Mom who liked "junque." Fast forward a few years and Spencer is hosting Antiques Roadshow-- and honing her eye for spotting amazing finds. Believe it on not, in her free time Spencer moonlights as an antiques dealer and interior designer and it's clear she knows her stuff. There are some solid suggestions in this book about where to look for decor treasures and how to score great deals. Spencer also breaks down some things that are good to know about-- art smarts, like the difference between an etching and an engraving, how to haggle and estate sale etiquette.

You are sure to gain loads of decorating ideas from I Brake for Yard Sales... Spencer calls her signature style "Blueblood on a budget," and her book is loaded with terrific examples of that. A few standouts are an inexpensive salvaged Drexel buffet that Spencer had painted (lovely!) and a pair of faux bamboo armchairs she picked up for $25 and transformed into something that smacks of pricey Palm Beach Chic.

Whether you're into crafting, entertaining or home decorating (or all three) you're sure to find gorgeous ideas and inspiration this summer within the pages of a book.

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