When the days come and I'm alone

The pain be more than I can bear, and

Hope seems like just another word. I know

You will be there. For, God, I know had

Sent you here, to make us laugh, and cry with joy.

I just call for Ellen-12-2, If you flip the dial and there you go

Escaping all the pain and loss, that is felt, take comfort,

for Ellen-12-2 is here.

You ask me now what does this mean, a post -it note it reads

Ellen-12-2, is here to save the day. You give me laughs, when I want

To cry, you make me cry, because there is hope, just wait for Ellen-12-2.

Now you might not get Ellen on 12 @ 2, check your listing give it a try,

For Ellen will make you laugh and make you cry….

I use to say why not me, why can't someone help me, but

When you watch Ellen-12-2, and see the good she does, for so many

I feel greedy, selfish, for so many need it more, so when I feel Why not me,

Again, I'll just tune in to Ellen-12-2.

Love you Ellen and all the things you do.

By the way Ellen -12-2 means, Ellen is on channel 12 at @2pm………..

God Bless You.