What Ever Girl Should Know

Standing in bathroom lines for women is, unfortunately, a common occurrence. It's mostly because the venue, restaurant, or mall doesn't have enough stalls to accommodate us. However, sometimes it just requires a little ingenuity. After a long day of bike riding around the lake, some friends and I made our way to a remote Mexican restaurant for dinner. I couldn't wait to use the restroom and "freshen" up. I opened the door and of course there was a line! As I stood in the unmoving line and chatted to the woman who came in behind me, she said, "This never happens here!", and then she told me she loved my leopard faux fur boots. A women and her child came out of one stall and said, "That one doesn't flush". Aha, the problem was that everyone was waiting for one stall. I immediately went in and lifted the tank lid, and sure enough it was a simple fix. The handle chain had come unhooked from the flapper, the seal that lets the tank fill with water, and when lifted by the handle and chain, flushes the bowl. I reconnected the chain to the handle and replaced the lid and flushed the toilet. There were cheers from the line, which of course, dispersed immediately after that. The woman behind me said it was the power of my boots and although I never discount the power of cute shoes, I know it's really just something that every girl should know how to do:
1. Lift the lid and put on seat or floor
2. Check to see if the handle is connected to the flapper, if not, reconnect
3. If handle connected but tank is not filling with water, it may just need the flapper to be repositioned over the seal to let the tank fill with water so it can flush
If it can't be fixed, sigh, it's back to the line, but at least you tried!
Lowes has a great website if you want to learn more.