Fair Trade is Good for the Earth

Recycled Glass Bangles Recycled Glass Bangles

If people want to know anything about fair trade, they should know that its primary purpose is to alleviate poverty. What most people do not know is that a key principle of fair trade is to protect the environment. By using eco-friendly farming practices, raw materials found in nature or recycled materials; fair trade supports sustainable practices that minimize our environmental footprint.

Fair trade farmers adhere to internationally monitored environmental standards. Artisan cooperatives, like the ones whose products are sold at Fair Trade Designs, find solutions to protect their own natural resources. Because all these products are handcrafted, they are created in many cases without using electricity or fossil fuels.

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April is Earth Month with Earth Day on April 22. Expect to read lots more about how fair trade is good for the earth.

So stay tuned, stay green, and stay fair trade!

Stephanie King

Fair Trade Designs

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