Family Command Center

By Brian Underwood

mom with organized cabinetmom with organized cabinet

Kitchen Catch-All
A mom of three, Landee Anderson, 36, needed a place to stash school papers and jot down grocery lists. Turned out, the perfect spot was staring her right in the face. Using a piece of custom-cut sheet metal, the Boulder, CO, resident created a to-do hub on an unused cabinet surface for less than $100. Photo credits: David Tsay; hair & makeup by Danica Jardien

Decorate Up High
This out-of-reach area wasn't very functional, so it was the ideal spot for photos and drawings. Landee spray-painted inexpensive wooden frames and attached magnets to the backs to create an artful display.
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Utilize Press-Ons

A dry-erase decal comes in handy for planning trips to the supermarket and writing notes. Landee stores the markers in colorful buckets that dangle from magnetized clips.
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Keep Paper Handy

"I use blank cards for everything," says Landee. "Now, I can find one in five seconds." That's thanks to an organizer she found at her local dollar store.

Create Personalized Space

Landee put each child's name on a label and adhered them to magnetic plastic bins. She puts folders in every bin to keep permission slips and homework assignments in one place.

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