Fiery Mars in Adventurous Sagittarius: Anything Goes!

Fiery Mars in Adventurous Sagittarius: Anything Goes!
This past Sunday, October 7, Mars entered the wanderlust sign of Sagittarius, a transit that represents one of the more restless positions for the tempestuous planet of war. Between now and November 16, Mars wants to run free, untethered to anything small, petty, or mundane -- all while firing up the sign of the Archer!

Physical outlets are crucial during this time, so if all else fails and you feel overwhelmingly pent up, take a brisk run around the block before you bite someone's head off! Anger can escalate quickly now, but as long as no one adds fuel to the fire, you can also burn through frustration more quickly than usual. Sagittarius is not known for being particularly patient or tactful, so expect plenty of blunt confrontations. And remember: If you can't take it, don't dish it out, because anything goes under this transit that infamously favors between-the-eyes honesty!

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Just like a well-trained archer, Mars-in-Sagittarius confrontations rarely miss their mark. Sagittarius tells it like it is, while Mars demonstrates no shortage of energy and style. You definitely won't have to worry about anyone beating around the bush during the next six-plus weeks -- people will have little problem telling you exactly how they feel about you! To that end, if you're the sensitive type, you may want to ask any loose-cannon personalities in your life to keep their thoughts to themselves.

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Finally, be on the watch for a tendency in certain people to act preachy during Mars's tenure in Sagittarius, as philosophical ideas can easily turn into dogma under this transit's fiery and righteous energy. Truth and freedom are driving forces during this action-packed time, so try to make the best of both!

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