Five Things Shaving Cream Does that it Wasn’t Meant To

Lather Up! Lather Up! Ahh, shaving cream. Available in a can since the 1950s, this drugstore mainstay is in nearly every household. And while shaving cream does a pretty good job at its intended task (no one likes razor burn), we've found several things it does rather well aside from its original purpose. Here are our five favorite things shaving cream does that it is not supposed to:

1. Waterless soap: Sometimes you just have to get your hands dirty and when you do there's not always a sink handy (pun intended). In situations like these, a little pump of shaving cream, a quick rubbing of the hands and a towel off will make your paws good as new.

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2. To clean-up spills on carpet: Use paper towels to blot a spill on the carpet, then apply a dollop of shaving cream. Wipe with a damp sponge and you're done. Be sure to use the classic white cream variety, however, as gel kinds may stain some carpets.

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3. Bathroom mirror cleaner (and defogger!):
Sure glass cleaner does this job but shaving cream will leave your mirror streak free and also stave off the "foggy mirror effect" for a few weeks. Simply rub the shaving cream on the mirror with a paper towel, wet the paper towel and rub it off. This technique will leave glass door streak free too.

Not bad for something that you can get for less than $2 a can! See the other two uses (plus a few dozen more from our readers) on's Daily Savings blog.