Four Chicken Raising Mistakes You Should Never Make

chicken raising mistakeschicken raising mistakesIntroduction

If you are a hen breeder or have a flock of hens, then the points given below will be very beneficial for you. Explained below are four chicken raising mistakes that many people commit. In order to have a good time raising your birds, you must make sure that you never make these mistakes.

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Constructing the Hen Pen on the Ground

Most people build hen pens directly on the ground, because they think it would allow the birds to play on the ground and find bugs and insects to feed on. The general consensus is that it gives the birds a natural feel and they enjoy it more. It might be true to an extent, but people often tend to overlook some major problems that such a move can cause.

The trouble is that minks, raccoons, and rats may find a way to enter the cage and cause damage to the animals. A very good option to save your animals is by putting the hen house on a ramp, a few inches above the ground. This way the birds will be safer.

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Water Bucket

Do not use a water bucket, as it can result in problems. Most people use big buckets that can hold a good amount of water and are heavy enough not to fall. However, they tend to overlook the fact that hens are birds can fly a little. Instead of sitting and drinking water, they fly and sit on the rim and often jump in the bucket, which may be problematic.

There is a very simple solution to this problem. You can use a hanging water bucket that is fixed so that there is no danger of it falling off. The water also remains clean in a hanging water bucket and the animals can easily drink from it.

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The Number Game

Always, make sure that you count your birds every night, so to be sure that you don't miss any. Also, make sure that the cage is big enough to accommodate all the hens. It must be remembered that hens need a little extra space to hop or fly. If they do not get enough space then they will turn lazy and might even fall sick.

Also, maintain a healthy rooster to hen ratio. The ratio 1:12 is considered ideal, depending on the nature of the rooster. Some might turn aggressive and cause damage. Choose the rooster carefully so that you have a healthy and growing flock.

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Not Giving Outer Access to Roosting Boxes

Put nesting boxes in a place from where you can easily access them without you having to enter the cage. It is e done because the hens are disturbed when a person enters to pick the eggs. You can build boxes that are high enough to easily see if there are eggs or not. And with the outer access you can easily pick them up without having to step in hen poop.

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Make sure that you never make such mistakes so that your hens remain healthy and multiply quickly.

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