Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Use Your Words Wisely!

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Use Your Words Wisely!
When the full Moon lunar eclipse occurs in Gemini this Saturday, December 10, you'll want to speak softly ... and carry a big stick! And let that stick be discriminate commentary.

Think very carefully before opening your mouth -- and more importantly, before putting anything in writing. It's all too easy to jump to negative conclusions or make poor decisions under the super-challenging aspects of this eclipse!

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With a Mercury retrograde concurring with this dastardly transit -- in the sign ruled by messenger god Gemini, no less -- the potential for communication breakdowns will be greater than ever. Try to have most of your conversations in person or on the phone to avoid the potential misunderstandings that emails and texts can bring.

And if that doesn't add enough jolly to your holiday, appointments may get endlessly switched around ... dates could get confused ... you might arrive too early (or late) for your scheduled time ... emails may get lost (or lost in translation) ... your words might be taken completely out of context ... your packages could get lost in the mail ... are you getting the idea? It's like a Mercury retrograde -- to the tenth degree!

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But alas, there is a method to this mercurial eclipse madness, for this is a major opportunity to understand how important it is to communicate clearly. Mixed messages, weak commitments, indecision and thoughtless word choices are your biggest foes now. Also, more than ever, you'd be wise to write everything down and check your schedules and lists -- twice, if you can! Relying on memory alone is a recipe for disaster whenever the trickster gods are as mischievous as they're about to become.

Clarity, simplicity and straightforward sincerity are easy remedies to survive -- and hopefully prevent -- the oncoming onslaught of miscommunication mayhem. And now just might be the time to begin that meditation practice, if you haven't already!

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