Fun in the Sand: 7 Creative Sandboxes You Can Make Yourself

7 creative sandboxes to make for your kids7 creative sandboxes to make for your kidsIn a world of technology, the lure of screens is powerful force. Look around the playground and you'll often note 3 out of 4 adults with their faces buried in a smart phone. For kids, the ability of a screen to hypnotize is even stronger. Not many things can compete for a little one's attention when there's a TV, iPad, or video toy blinking its way into their heart. Which is why i find it all the more wonderful that there is still one toy so simple, inexpensive, and universal that has the power to draw children outdoors and into active play: A box of sand.

It doesn't matter what size or how fancy it is - there's something about running your fingers and toes through the sand that's therapeutic and just plain fun. Heck, I even enjoy taking a break to build a sand castle or two (or three or four). Since not everyone has the space to build a 7×7 foot sandbox, there are plenty of portable and mini sandbox options for your family to enjoy. Not a master carpenter? Don't worry - because a painted tire, wreath container, or plastic pool can do just fine. Check out 7 creative sandboxes you can make yourself:

Shaded ComfortShaded Comfort1. Shaded Comfort Sandbox
This adorable canopy sandbox is not too difficult to make and was inspired by the cutest Pottery Barn Kids sandbox. If you're down to DIY, it's a much more budget-friendly option!
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Wine Barrel SandboxWine Barrel Sandbox2. Wine Barrel Sandbox

Fill an old wine barrel with sand, rocks and seashells for a mini sandbox.
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Recycled Pool SandboxRecycled Pool Sandbox3. Recycled Pool Sandbox
Instead of throwing out an old plastic swimming pool, use it to make a fun sandbox.
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Tire SandboxTire Sandbox4. Tire Sandbox

Clean out an old tire and fill it with sand, paint it to add some bright colors.
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$10 Sandbox$10 Sandbox5. $10 Sandbox
Keep expenses low by building a sandbox out of a wreath container.
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Sandbox on WheelsSandbox on Wheels6. Sandbox on Wheels

With the right tools in hand, you can make this sandbox on wheels in under 2 hours.
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Your Basic SandboxYour Basic Sandbox7. Your Basic Sandbox

If you are not looking to build anything fancy schmancy this DIY sandbox is a go-to basic.
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- By Jamie Morrison Curtis
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