Gadget Alert: Save Yourself from Your Next Accidental Bidet Flush!

Toilet alarm saves you from your next 3AM swim!

Here's a familiar scene: It's 3:00AM and you make the one-eye-open dark detour to the bathroom in the middle of the night only to get there safely and fall right into the cold toilet bowl because that special someone forgot to put down the seat... again. Okay, maybe it's just familiar to us ladies!

It's no secret that nearing the top of a women's pet peeve list is a left up toilet seat (second only to hubbies not listening!). Finally, we can all save our breath, and our patience, because TipAlert is taking the redundancy out of bathroom banter and replacing it with peace of mind and dry derrieres!

TipAlert is a genius microelectronic device that simply attaches to the underside of any toilet seat and amusingly reminds a repeat offender of bathroom etiquette faux pas with sound and light.
Watch how it works here!

Whether it's your inattentive husband or your potty training toddler, TipAlert reminds them to place the seat down with a "Down Boy" or a happy tune. My favorite part? There's even a LED light that flashes every 15 seconds until the seat is back in its rightful position so we gals know if we're in the clear during those midnight restroom runs. Now that's sitting pretty!

Would you install TipAlert in your home?