God Unveiling Truths {Part Two}

The Woman Ancient Great Babylon

Satan and the others

The Holy Spirit says

The Holy Spirit says {from{Revelation 12:7-9.."Then there was war in Heaven and the Dragon and his host of angels were cast out of Heaven ..being thrown to the earth with all his army}. This being the time frame of the Messiah birth to have arrived.

***When Satan being cast to the earth {from{Revelation 12:3-4.."Satan the red Dragon appeared with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on his heads. His tail drew along behind him a third of the stars ..which he plunged to the earth ..and stood before the woman whom about to give birth to her child. Satan readied to eat the child as soon as it being born}. *************The {third of the stars ..which he plunged to the earth} representing: ..The Heavenly angels to have followed in allegiance with Satan and the others {Satan army ..the multitudes}. For it being {a third of the stars-{the angels} out of all those in Heaven ..{being multitudes whom followed behind ..being cast out of Heaven with Satan in pursuit}.

***{From{Revelation 17:16-18.."The scarlet animal and his ten horns which represent ten kings who will reign with him will hate the prostitute they will take away everything she has and leave her naked. They will eat her flesh and destroy her with fire. For God put a plan into their minds ..a plan that will carry out his purpose. They will mutually agree to give their authority to the scarlet animal so that the words of God will be fulfilled. The woman represent the great city that rules over the kings of the earth}. ***Satan is no longer in heaven. He has been cast out ..and the {six} cast out with him are adorned each having one horn revealing their strength and authority from Heaven as appointed kings. Satan having four horns revealing his appointments ..titles from Heaven being {King ..Priest ..Judge ..and Prophet}. All being the total of ten horns. The scarlet animal being the representation:.. of the Anti-Messiah {the former earthly Guardian King destroyed by the Almighty Father}. Satan and the others will agree in submitting this former King from the pit as the new earthly King.

The Calculating in Measurements {The {10} Kings to Rule with Satan}:

In the beginning Satan and the other six cast from Heaven {being those {7} appointed Kings}.

In the beginning the former first Earthly King spiritual Guardian {being an appointed King}

Bringing the sum to {8 Kings}.

In-turn {Again} the former first Earthly King spiritual Guardian {from the pit} will reign ..but as the Anti-Messiah {being the Earth {8th King}. But really being assumed by God the {9th King}. For he will come back as another ..not one having been appointed by God. For Satan assumes to bring the former King back to his former position. But the position being not that recognized by the Almighty Father and the Lord God. Thus {Great Babylon} in her short reign with Satan before her destruction bring the sum to {10 Kings}.

In understanding:.. The Anti-Messiah being the Eighth King: but {one of the seven} from before. But the Almighty Father and Lord God assumes the Kings as being (10 reigns} for the Anti-Messiah his new appointment as King {being new}. Therefore being not recognized as a King of before. For he is not one being appointed by God to rule. Therefore being a new King ..one appointed by Satan.

{From{Revelation 17:8-11.."He was alive but isn't now. And yet soon he will come up out of the bottomless pit and go to eternal destruction ..and the people of earth whose name has not been written in the Book of Life before the world began will be dumbfounded at his reappearance after being dead. (11) The scarlet animal that died is the eighth king having reigned before as one of the seven. After his second reign he too will go to his doom}. ***He will be recognized assumed as of someone of the former by all in remembrance. But from coming back from the dead ..thus having the power and strength through that of his {Life Giving Spirit} being thus {a god in the flesh}. Being believed by multitudes {those destined for eternal destruction and punishment} to be the returned Messiah. But those knowing not the Messiah of before ..the Lord God whom sacrificed Himself for the Jews and others. But the Messiah of those to believe being in their interest ..the one to has succumb back to allow of {multitudes} their vengeance. Being God will against all whom do not desire Him. For the Anti-Messiah He will pronounce Judgement immediately against multitudes.

***{From{Revelation 17:3.."The woman sat upon a scarlet animal that had seven heads and ten horns ..written all over with blasphemies against God}.

The {sat upon a scarlet animal} ***being in representation:.. Of Babylon sitting symbolically still upon her former mate ..the former king appointed as Guardian King by the Almighty Father upon the earth ..but whom later being destroyed by God ..because of his vanity and wrongful behavior. The color scarlet being the color of royalty thus he being formally the earth first King.

***The {seven heads and ten horns} being in representation:.. Of Satan and the others {the seven heads} those having been cast out of Heaven. Satan being in lead ..one of the seven ..adorned with {4 horns-representing his position of status being that of {King ..Priest ..Judge ..and Prophet} being those the positions appointed him by the Almighty Father in Heaven ..but Satan being stripped of his Heavenly Kingdom and cast out of Heaven.

***The other six ..Satan associates ..each being adorned individually with {1 horn-representing their position of status as a {Kings} formally of Heaven ..but being stripped of their Heavenly rulership and also cast out along with Satan}.

In simplicity ..the {10 horns} representing their former Heavenly ..appointments ..status of the seven heads. Babylon sitting upon them in representation:.. Of her Great Babylon appointed rule of status given by the Almighty Father as Queen over all the earth ..therefore she being one above them.

***Satan desires to take on leadership of title as King upon the earth to rule over mankind. Satan battle begins with Great Babylon whom as appointed by the Almighty Father rules over all the nations and spiritual Guardians of the earth. Therefore in deceit ..through treachery ..Satan and the others sit and agree with Babylon to submit under her ruling authority the one who rules over all mankind. But Satan intentions are to overthrow the kingdom of Babylon. Being God formulated plan against the fall of Babylon. For God knew Satan being cast out of Heaven would ensue against Babylon. For Satan not being one to submit under Great Babylon. Therefore God prophecy of destruction against Great Babylon to be fulfilled. The Lord God knows a rebellious man to always bring forth His ordained prophesies.

For it was God timed plan of purpose for Satan being cast out of Heaven. The time for prophecy of fulfilment against ancient Great Babylon. For the Lord God knows a rebellious spirit in always to bring forth His prophecies. Therefore the Holy Spirit says {from{Revelation 17:17.."God put a plan in their minds ..a plan to carry out His purpose}. For God knew Satan and the others were those formally to have extreme highly respected appointed positions in Heaven ..but that being no more. Therefore being those not likely to submit under Babylon appointed rule. Therefore being those to bring Babylon to her destruction {destroying her}. In-turn take control of her earthly rule and those her earthly children to be used as slaves. Being in representation of God truths {God put a plan in their minds ..a plan to carry out His purpose}. God purpose ..thus being Babylon prophecy of appointed destruction. Having been announced before the {Jewish Exile} by God unto Babylon thus being to occur in the full measure of {one day ..in one moment}. ..God do not lie.

God Formulated Plan against Great Babylon

The Holy Spirit says

{From{Isaiah 21:2-3.."I see an awesome vision ..Oh the horror of it all. God is telling me what he is going to do. I see you plundered and destroyed. Elamites and Medes will take part in the siege. Babylon will fall and the groaning of all the nations she enslaved will end. My stomach constricts and burns with pain sharp pangs of horror are upon me like the pains of a woman giving birth to a child I faint when I hear what God is planning. I am terrified ..blinded with dismay}.

***God plan being revealed of the awful siege to succumb against Great Babylon by Satan treacherous deceit and betrayal against her. The Lord God plan of purpose. The consequence of Satan being removed from heaven brings on the fall of Babylon. The Elamites and Medes being those whom appointed by Great Babylon being the spiritual ruling king Guardians over these countries. They are Babylon two spiritual sons whom will alliance with Satan in battle against her ..thus betraying their mother {Great Babylon}. God wrath of anger to be consumed against Great Babylon.

God Personally Announces to Babylon of her Pending Destruction:

The Holy Spirit says

During the Isaiah prophecies {from{Isaiah 47:1-11.. "O Babylon the unconquered come sit in the dust ..for your days of ..glory ..pomp ..and honor are ended. O daughter of Chaldea never again will you be the lovely princess tender and delicate. (3) You shall be in nakedness and shame. I will take (vengeance) upon you and will not repent. (5) Sit in darknes and silence O Babylon never again will you be called {the Queen of Kingdoms}. (6) For I was angry with my people Israel and began to punish them a little by letting them fall into your hands. O Babylon But you showed them no mercy. You have made even the old folks carry heavy burdens. (7) You thought your reign would never end Queen Kingdom of the world. You didn't care a whit about my people or think about the fate of those who do them harm. (8) O pleasure mad-kingdom living at ease bragging as the greatest in the world. Listen to the sentence of my court upon your sins. You say "I alone am God! ..I'll never be a widow ..I'll never lose my children. Well those two things shall come upon you in {one moment in full measure in one day}: {widowhood and the loss of your children} despite all your witchcraft and magic. You felt secure in all your wickedness. No one sees me ..you said. Your ..wisdom ..and knowledge have caused you to turn away from me and claim that you yourself are Lord. That is why disaster shall overtake you suddenly so suddenly that you won't know where it comes from. And there will be no atonement then to cleanse away your sins}.

Babylon Cries: {To the Lord God}

The Holy Spirit Says

{From{Lamentations 1:9-10.."She indulged herself in immorality ..and refused to face the fact that punishment was sure to come. Now she lies in the gutter with no one to lift her out. O Lord she cries see my plight. The enemy has triumphed. (10) Her enemies has plundered her completely taking everything precious she owns}.

***Babylon being destroyed by Satan at the exact measurement spoken of God {in one moment in full measure in one day}. Occurring upon the Lord God sacrifice at the exact moment in the release of the Lord God His Spirit unto the Almighty Father. {From{Revelation 18:10.."Babylon that mighty city in one moment her judgement fell}. In-turn as also prophesied by God against Great Babylon: Her becoming of widowhood and the loss of your children. For upon the Lord God death ..He being killed by the actions of Satan. Therefore making of Great Babylon a widow. For though both separated of another ..Great Babylon was chosing by the Almighty Father thus being to the Lord God ..His Queen. In-turn her children {the Gentiles} becoming orphans. Being those {the children} to be used as slaves under Satan new rule of authority {being called Modern Babylon}. Those the {Gentile children} God has now said unto {from{Isaiah 52:11.."Go now ..leave your bonds and slavery. ..Put Babylon and all it represents far behind you. ..It is unclean to you}.

The spiritual performance surmised in the {literal} destruction ..the force of slain succumbed against Great Babylon occurred during the time of the Messiah releasing His Spirit and returning Home to Heaven. {from{Mattathiah/Matthew 27:45-46..51-52.."That afternoon the whole earth was covered with darkness for three hours ..from noon until three oclock. About three oclock Yeshua dismissed His Spirit. (51) The curtain secluding the Holy place in the Temple was split apart from top to bottom and the earth shook and rocks broke}.*** All being the battle demonstrated ..ensued from Satan and the others of the siege to be heard and witnessed ..the earth testifying to that being rendered against Great Babylon. {From{Ezekiel 31:15-17.. "The Lord God says ..When she fell I made the oceans mourn for her and restrained their tides. I clothed Lebanon in black and caused the leaves of Lebanon to weep. I made the nations shake with fear at the sound of her fall ..for I threw her down to hell with all the others like her. And all the other proud trees of Eden ..the choicest and best of Lebanon ..the ones whom roots went deep into the water ..are comforted to find her there. With them in hell. Her allies are all destroyed and perish with her. They went down to the neither world ..those nations that lived beneath her shade}.

Below being the spiritual interpretation of the above Scripture:

***When she {Great Babylon} fell ..I made the oceans mourn for her and restrained their tides {For there was the occurrence pending in formation desired from the ocean floors of a Tsunami event desired to occur}. For the ocean mourned the lost to have come of the Great Queen whom Kingdom being seated upon them.

***I clothed Lebanon in black ..representing:..{The Lord God death {her Heavenly mate ..{The Prince} succumbing her to widowhood}

***and caused the leaves of Lebanon to weep ..representing:..being {Her loyal attendants ..those whom bared of her fruit ..being strengthened}.

***I made the nations shake with fear representing:..{being the major earthquake} at the sound of her fall}.

***for I threw her down to hell with all the others like her representing:..{Her former King and his lieutenants and other high officials ..those all others formally destroyed with him during his reign}.

***And all the other proud trees of Eden ..the choicest and best of Lebanon ..the ones whom roots went deep into the water ..are comforted to find her there. With them in hell. Her allies are all destroyed and perish with her. They went down to the neither world ..those nations that lived beneath her shade representing:..{All her lieutenants and other high officials. And also those the former spiritual Guardians destroyed of before}.

This is why upon the Lord God ..His earthly ministry the {Gentiles} being those not allowed to be given ..shared the message of God life testimony. For they being children belonging to Great Babylon. But after his death and Great Babylon destruction. They being children those orphaned. In-turn allowed to be offered the invitation of God adoption. Succumbing those {from{Hosea 2:23.."God new Crop of Israelites}. The other children promised to Abraham. God do not Lie ..It has formally been spoken.

Great Babylon spiteful intentions against the Almighty Father surmised against herself ..in-turn being destroyed by the one whom she trusted ..yet ..the one to bring about her literal destruction. The same as Satan {in constant} succumbing against man of today. The former Great Queen desired the illusion of another {her former King} one no longer present. Therefore prostituting ..adulterating herself with others and Satan and the illusion of another no longer present {her destroyed former King}. But in eventually to have received that desired ..to reign in the pit with him. Great Babylon the Queen of all the earth had it all. No one could have desired any more. For her mate {the Prince ..the Lord God} submitted obediently of the Almighty Father unto her as her mate ..being one whom love and loyalty has no boundaries. The Lord God His truth and faithfulness is beyond comprehension. The Great Queen lost. Thus though to be another {of renewed spirit} whom been appointed by the Almighty Father to reign seated upon the Lord Right Side {Being the Watcher ..The Eagle ..its second eye}.

God Plan of Destruction {Fulfilled of Babylon}

The Holy Spirit Says:

{From{Revelation 18:2.."She has fallen. Great Babylon has fallen. She is now haunted by demons and unclean spirits. All kinds of filthy and hateful birds live in her}.

***Babylon has fallen. Satan takes the leadership upon the earth being now called {Modern Babylon}. Being termed of such after the Lord God sacrifice in representative of the man present {the new generation}. Satan is decreed the leader. All Earthly spiritual alliances the Guardians and the others ..those formed with Satan from the Heavenly alliance agreed in treaty to submit their authority to Satan. Therefore Satan now becomes the king over all the spiritual Guardians and nations of the earth ..the all seeing eyes {the second Eagle}.

***The filthy and hateful birds are the dead spirits ..{from{Revelation 18:13.."The souls of men} Representing:..Those being formally used for Great Babylon magic and sorcery ..those brought from hell {being Multitudes}. But since ..being those whom roam the earth. And some being those formally belonging as Great Babylon spiritual attendants ..those from her military regiment whom escaped the fury of Satan rise against her. Being those also {Diabolicals and demons} whom roam ..rampant ..unrestrained throughout the world.

***The haunted by demons and unclean spirits ..representing:.. Satan and the other {6} ruling Kings and Satan military regiment ..those all cast out of Heaven with him. Being the Diabolicals and demons ..those whom use earthly man in the multitudes of crimes and wrongful behavior. Representing:.. The magnitude of haunting ..man possession.

**The Diabolical ..being an evil spirit in full capacity of high level leading spiritual ruling power.

**The Demon ..being an evil spirit of a lower level position.

**The dead as an evil spirit thus considered a dead bird. {For he is a man of dust ..made from the earth. Not containing {God Life Giving Spirit-the power and strength to perform}. Therefore not considered a tree ..but one whom alive depended on the branch for shade and comfort}. Therefore being determined by God in death ..the man succumbing to eternal destruction from wrongful behavior ..being {a dead filthy bird}

God Words Against Babylon Daughter Chaldea: When Formally in Address to Babylon

The Holy Spirit Says

In-turn God also addresses Chaldea about her crimes against Israel: {from{Isaiah 47:1-3.."O daughter of Chaldea never again will you be the lovely princess tender and delicate. You shall be in nakedness and shame. I will take (vengeance) upon you and will not repent}. ***God addresses Babylon daughter of her children crimes against his people. For Babylon allowed her spiritual daughter to do as she pleased ..just as those {her earthly children} she governed. Chaldea she was to her mother {Great Babylon} ..the lovely princess tender and delicate. Thus Chaldea her children appointed to her by Babylon being also as herself ..extremely vain and rebellious ..and Babylon allowed the behavior because she too was evil. Thus in constant being concerned ..occupied in her anger and rebellion against the Almighty Father and her mate {the Prince ..the Lord God} against the destruction of her former King {the one destroyed ..the first earthly king}. Whom to return reigning as the Anti-Messiah ..Satan former loyal trusted friend and Babylon former King ..her former mate.

The Lord God Prophetic Message unto prophet Daniel

The Holy Spirit says

{From{Daniel 9:25 "Now listen ..It will be (forty-nine) years plus (434) years from the time the command is given to rebuild Jerusalem ..until the Anointed One comes}. ***This measurement time frame being: ..The command to rebuild the Temple. The Lord God Yeshua the Messiah sending out His (12) Jewish disciples with His word of salvation. In-turn for them (His disciples) to also gather unto those ..being the {Gentiles} making them too into disciples. Thus to strengthen and increase the fold. The phrase ..{The rebuilding Jerusalem} as spoken from the Lord God being referred to His people. Those {spiritually to be brought to growth ..the man spirit}.

The First (49) years as spoken by the Lord God to prophet Daniel

***The {30} of the {49} years cover the span of time from ..Yeshua the Messiah ..the Lord God ..His birth ..ministry ..and death upon the earth. Representing the calculated frame time of {30 years}. .......Balancing a remainder of {19} years.

***The remainder {19} years covering the time period the date the Israelites are taken into captivity exile by Babylon. Being the nineteenth year. The Holy Spirit says {from{Jeremiah 52:12-28.."It was the nineteenth year ..The Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem ..taking them into Exile}.

***{From{Daniel 1:1.."Three years after King Jehoiakim began to rule in Judah ..King Nebuchadnezzar attacked Jerusalem with his army}. ***This time period {the three years of Jehoiakim rule in Judah} ..being the {three years before the Jewish Exile}. Thus the time frame in years of measurement thus to represent ..the covering of the Lord God earthly ministry.

The additional {434} years ..

The {466} years being the {14} generations of King David reign {the Promised Land} to the destruction of God Temple ..The exile.. {From{Mattathiah/Matthew 1:17.."The reference list the fourteen generations to King David time to the Jewish Exile ..and the fourteen generations from the Exile to the Messiah}.

***Remember ..God {one completed year} of Spiritual time being {900} years. The one completed day to the Lord God.

***Take the {434 year} and subtract it from the {900 year} ..and it will balance the total to {466 years}. Confirming the allotted time of the {14} generations from King David reign {the Promised Land} to the destruction of God Temple ..The exile..

***Therefore the {466 year} + {434 year} added together total {900 years}. Which concluded at the Lord God Messiah sacrifice ..His murder. ..(Being the Lord God ending day).

Confirming God Word of Truths unto Great Babylon of her Destruction to Occur

in One Moment ..in Full Measure in One Day.

***From King David {The Promised Land} ..to ..{the Jewish Exile} being the {466 year}.
{The Jewish Exile} ..to ..{the Messiah ..His ministry-His Murder} being the {434 year} ..totaling ..The {900 year}.

***Being the Lord God one day completed as ..promised ..spoken by the Lord God to Great Babylon of her destruction. {From{Isaiah 47:1..God says unto Great Babylon .."O pleasure mad-kingdom living at ease bragging as the greatest in the world. Listen to the sentence of my court upon your sins. ..You say ..I alone am God. ..I'll never be a widow. ..I'll never lose my children. ..Well those two things shall come upon you in one moment ..in full measure in one day}.

***Therefore Great Babylon being destroyed by Satan at the exact {one moment} of the Lord God Messiah releasing His Spirit. Occurring at the end of the Lord God {in full measure in one day} as formally calculated to prophet Daniel {434 years} earlier. .......God do not lie.

***The extra {49 year} as addressed unto prophet Daniel ..being only to clarify the {date} of the Israelites entrance into exile ..and the Lord Yeshua the Messiah {length of time} upon the earth ..His ministry and His death.

The Lord God prophetic message unto Prophet Daniel {from{Daniel 9:26.."The Lord God says ..after this period of {434 years}. The Annointed one will be killed ..His Kingdom still unrealized. ...And a King will arise whom armies will destroy the city and the Temple. They will be overwhelmed as with a flood and war and its miseries are decreed from that time to the very end}.

***The King whom to arise Representing:.. {Satan to reign as authority over the earth as King ..after his destruction of Great Babylon}.

***The City being destroyed and the overwhelming flood Representing:.. The destruction trauma incurred against the Lord God people and those the Gentiles to have converted ..those being adopted thus the multitudes to be brutalized and killed whom being true and faithful to the God of Israel. Being ensued from Satan influence through {the Roman Empire} ..the Chaldeans-Babylons-Europeans. In-turn for more than {400 years} in sequence of the Lord God Sacrifice His people to succumb in cruel massive measure of death and torture {by the hands of the Roman Empire} from their loyal belief .

***The Temple being destroyed Representing:.. The Lord God being murdered by Satan and the others through the hands of those used in obedience. {From{Luke 22:3-4.."Satan entered into Judah of Kerioth who was one of the twelve disciples ..and he went to the chief priests and captains of the Temple guards to discuss the best way to betray the Messiah ..the Lord God to them}.

***The war and its miseries are decreed from that time to the very end Representing: ..{From{Jeremiah 25:27-32.."The ordained prophecies of the Lord God punishments against the nations to be fulfilled}.

The Lord God prophetic message unto Prophet Daniel {from{Daniel 9:27.."This King will make a seven year treaty with the people ..but after half that time he will brake his pledge and stop the Jews from all their sacrifices and their offerings. Then as a climax to all his terrible deeds. The Enemy shall utterly defile the sanctuary of God. But in God time and plan ..His Judgment will be poured out upon this Evil One}. This message unto the man prophet Daniel being in reference to the time frame of Satan rulership upon the earth as King. Whom to allow the Lord God people to worship as they choose ..but in the greater half of the {3000 years} of Satan reign there will succumb of change. For that will be the given period of the reign beginning the Anti-Messiah ..the earth new King. But of this new King: In God time and plan ..His Judgment will be poured out upon this Evil One ..The Anti-Messiah.

The Reason For the Israelites Exile

The Holy Spirit Says

{From{Ezekiel 39:23-24.."And the nations will know why Israel was sent away to exile. It was punishment for sin. For they acted in treachery against their God. Therefore I turned my face away from them and let their enemies destroy them. They were punished in proportion to the vileness of their sins}.

***Israel disobeyed God by following the practice of the other nations in their pattern of worship. The Holy Spirit says {from{1 Kings 11:9-40.."Illustrate in example to God anger against King Solomon worshiping other gods ..thus demonstrate God fury against such behavior}. The Israelites inter-twined the belief and worship of other gods within the worship of the Living God whom being the Lord God and the Almighty Father One Supreme. The Holy Spirit says {from{Ezekiel 8:6-16.."God reveal in illustration to prophet Ezekiel the idols the Israelites being secretly worshiping ..but they believing God do not see}.God forbid such actions. God forbid such practice. They constructed idols of worship being those carved of angels and saints and animals and birds and fish and men. The Holy Spirit says {from{Exodus 20:3-5.."God commands against the idols of worship}. God forbid such actions. God forbid such practice. The Israelites worshiped angels and the moon and the stars. God forbid such actions. God forbid such practice. They called upon spirits and saints and angels for assistance instead of God. God forbid such actions. God forbid such practice. The Holy Spirit says {from{Jeremiah 44:15-19.."The Israelites offered sacrifices to the Queen of Heaven}. Being those the offerings sacrificed to Great Babylon. God forbid such actions. God forbid such practice. They feared ..worshiped and called upon man wisdom instead of God. God despise a coward. They tried to outwit God through their behavior. God despise treachery and deceit. These are the behaviors that angered God against them. But they would not refrain from their sins against God. The Holy Spirit says {from{Deuteronomy 4:24.."The Lord God is a devouring fire a jealous God}. The most important commandment the Holy Spirit says {from{Mark 12:28-29.. "Hear O Israel ..The Lord our God is the one and only God. And you must love him with all your heart and soul and mind and strength}. The Israelites by these actions and these practices broke this commandment when changing God way of worship to comfort the ways of their neighbors. God do not change. The Holy Spirit says {from{Luke 1:37.."For every promise of God will surely come true}. God word and ways stay forever confirmed. God does not lie. The Holy Spirit says {from{Hebrews 3:7-10.."Since the Messiah is so much superior the Holy Spirit warns us to listen to him to be careful to hear his voice today and not let our heats become set against him as the people of Israel did. (9) though they tried his patience sorely he kept right on doing his mighty miracles for them to see. (10) God says ..I was very angry with them for their hearts were always looking somewhere else instead of up to me and they never found the paths I wanted them to follow}.

Prophet Daniel

The Prophecies Addressed in Illustrated Detail

The Four Animals: {The Kings}

The Holy Spirit says

Media and Persia: {Babylon off-spring to be conquered}:

{From{Daniel 8:3-7.."As I was looking around I saw a ram with two long horns standing on the river bank and as I watched one of these horns began to grow so that it was longer than the other. The ram butted everything out of its way and no one could stand against it or help its victims. It did as it pleased and became very great. Suddenly a buck goat appeared from the west so swiftly that it didn't even touch the ground. This goat which had one very large horn between its eyes rushed furiously at the two horned ram. And the closer he came the angrier he was. He charged into the ram and broke off both his horns. The ram was helpless and the buck goat knocked him down and trampled him for there was no one to rescue him}. **********The ram at the river bank represented {Great Babylon two sons} the spiritual Guardian kings of Media and Persia. The one horn growing longer being the position of the oldest son reign of power. They were both in unison with Satan against the mother ..but afterwards also being conquered by Satan and the other six cast out of heaven with him. After Satan encouraged and manipulated them to go against their mother Babylon he than conquers them. The large horn of the goat represents:.. Satan and the combined power and strength from the other six. The power and strength consumed from all the {titles}. Satan attack against the ram with the two horns representing:..The spiritual Guardian kings of Media and Persia thus to have eliminated any future threat against him and the others from Great Babylon Kingdom. Therefore all authority and strength and power left of Great Babylon kingdom having been conquered. Being all but Chaldea ..Great Babylon daughter. Whom being left unconquered by Satan ..whom allows Chaldea to keep her authority submitted over her children. Thus being Satan tool of treacherous devise formed in Satan reasoning concerning her children. Therefore Chaldea remains appointed as Guardian over {the Chaldeans}. All being of God plan of purpose against Chaldea of that from God former prophecy against her ..and that also to fulfill the prophecy spoken against Satan and the former Queen in the Garden. All being willed of the Almighty Father to incur of Satan his further manipulation. The Holy Spirit says {from{Revelation 17:17.."God will put a plan into their minds ..a plan that will carry out His purpose}. Chaldea children (the Gentiles ..the Europeans will flourish) thus being ensued from the power and strength of Satan so of them to form an alliance of terror against mankind and all those belonging to God ..being of Satan purpose to be used during the reign of the Anti-Messiah. But all being the Lord God plan of purpose. For the {Babylonians ..Chaldeans-Europeans} are those whom through their cruel anger and rebellion whom brought about the prophecies of punishment against those the {nations} formally promised of God of {punishment ..Judgement}. Though now {all punishments against the nations formally specified by God to be of God Judgement has thus been fulfilled}. Therefore it being God purpose ..His will of performance in Satan power and strength of governed authority for the {Chaldeans ..Europeans} to rise in power.The Holy Spirit says of God {from{Habakkuk 1:6-11.."God says ..I am raising a new force on the world scene ..the Chaldeans ..a cruel and violent nation. who will march across the world and conquer it. They are nortorious for their curelty. They do as they like and no one can interfer}. In-turn the {Chaldeans ..Babylonians-Europeans} their punishment being the last performance. Being the multitudes ..of those whom do not surrender unto God through repentance thus to also include those of other nations. The Holy Spirit says {from{Jeremiah 51:1-24.."The Lord God says: I will stir up a destroyer against Babylon ..against that whole land of Chaldeans and destroy it}. The Holy Spirit says of God {from{Jeremiah 50:44-46.."God says ..I will send against them Babylon ..the Chaldeans an invader who will come upon them suddenly like lion from the jungles of Jordan...}. The Holy Spirit says ..the invader to be the Anti-Messiah and all those in alliance with Satan. And that spoken from God {from{Jeremiah.. chapter 50.."Being of further indept illustration of Babylon the Chaldeans prophecy of punishment}. Being the last prophecy of punishment from God to be extended against the earthly nations. The invader against the {Babylonians ..Chaldeans-Europeans} to be Satan and the Anti-Messiah and all those {man of dust} in their alliance. Therefore of the man to continue in surrender to rebellion in-turn being the man to succumb of God promised punishment during the reign of the Anti-Messiah.

{From{Daniel 7:4"The first was like a lion but it had eagle wings. And as I watched its wings were pulled off so that it could no longer fly and it was left standing on the ground on two feet like a man and a mans mind was given it}.

*******This being the {first male appointed King} God glorious Creation. He was like a lion {the King of the Jungle}. He was appointed by God as the King of all the earth. {From{Ezekiel 17:12.."He was the first of the two Eagles}. But his wings were taken {his souring rulership throughout the world}. His wings being pulled off to represent the lost of his flight of power. He was no longer the eye of the world {the watcher}. He stood upon the ground like a man and having a man mind from that being sacrificed for him of an earthly man. {He will come back from the pit as the Anti-Messiah}.

{From{Daniel 7:5.."The second animal looked like a bear with its paw raised ready to strike. It held three ribs between its teeth and I heard a voice saying to it ..Get up ..devour many people}. *******The bear is Great Babylon. The ribs being her two sons the kings of Media and Persia and her daughter {Chaldea ..the appointed ruler of the Chaldeans ..the Europeans}. Great Babylon being in representation of holding her children in protective care under her procession. The Ribs ..{That which surrounds the heart ..that which is part of oneself} ..her children ..her food. {The nourishment of her life). She being momma bear and they the cubs. Her paw raised to strike out against any harm against them. Devour many people {being the voice of Satan}. The words of manipulation that fuels her anger from her loss and against God. The anger from within her spirit roused from Satan influence to get up and take vengeance. Which was what happened against the Lord God New Creation from the treachery of Great Babylon toward the new woman named {Eve} and all her off-spring.

{From{Daniel 7:6.."The third strange animal looked like a leopard but on its back it had wings like those of birds and it had four heads. And great power was giving to it all over mankind}. *******This animal is Satan {the former king cast out of Heaven}. The four heads representing his {four horns of authority ..titles}. The wings being his power as that of an Eagle over all the nations of the earth ..his now great power over the nations after his destruction of Great Babylon.

{From{Daniel 7:7-8.."A forth animal rose up out of the ocean too dreadful to describe and incredibly strong. It devoured some of its victims by tearing them apart with its huge iron teeth and others it crushed beneath its feet. It was far more brutal and vicious than any of the other animals and it had ten horns. As I was looking at the horns suddenly another small one appeared among them and three of the first ones were yanked out roots and all to give it room this little horn had a man's eyes and a bragging mouth}. *******This is the first former Earthly Guardian King of God Creation the one destroyed long before. This is the one being brought back from the bottomless pit. {Hell}. He will be known as the Anti-Messiah and will devour the world as if with a flood. The three horns being yanked out was Satan removing a third of his authority and power {the titles} to be given to the first male {former King}. Satan being left with only {one horn ..title} instead of four {the one horn ..{title} left being Satan title as King}. Therefore Satan extending unto the former his titles as {Priest ..Judge ..and Prophet}. Satan reducing his authority and power handing it over to the (first male former King) brought up from {hell ..the bottomless pit}. This animal is that of the first animal represented: {from{Daniel 7:4}. But being different because he will rise from his destruction thus representing another. The Holy Spirit says {from{2 Thessalonians 2:3-4.."He is the son from hell}. Already having one {horn ..title as King} from before. But now receives the three other {horns ..titles from Satan}. Thus allowing him of greater tremendous power and strength. For of each title received bringing also in allowance Greater Power and Strength. The eyes and bragging mouth represent him as {the first male earthly King}. The one consumed once before with vanity. He will be the first male (King) appointed of the former by God to reign again ..but his title not recognized by the Almighty Father and the Lord God. But will reign as the eighth King appointed by Satan. But he really being one of the {seven from before}. He was formally appointed by the Almighty Father ..the first appointed Spiritual Guardian King over all the Earth.

The Strange Animal: {The False Prophet}:

The Holy Spirit Says

{From{Revelation 13:11-12.."Then I saw another strange animal this one coming up out of the earth with two little horns like that of a lamb but a fearsome voice like the Dragon's. (12) He exercised all the authority of the creature whose death-wound had been healed whom he required all the world to worship}. ********The coming up out of the earth represent him as being {man of dust}. A man from Adam the two little horns being his appointed position ..titles by God as a religious servant and prophet ..one as having authority. He is God Creation {the lamb} ..one from the fold of God. The voice being his inner true spirit {The spirit of Satan}. He is extensive in the knowledge of the scrolls and the laws of God. Appearing to be a man of peace but his heart is dark within. He disguise as a godly man whom walks in the ways of God but not in his paths. God has blinded him from the secrets of the Holy Spirit. He hides behind his prominent {position ..titles} and shield himself from his true identity. He is the false prophet. The {two horns} representing his appointed position of having two titles that of being both a prophet and priest. He is an Anakim ..one of the half-breeds. Being deeply trusted and loved ..honored ..and praised of multitudes. He will be the Anti-Messiah ear to whisper.

The Holy Spirit Note of Warning:

The Anti-Messiah

The established position of the Anti-Messiah {from{2 Thessalonian 2:3-4.."The man of Rebellion ..the son of hell}. This Earthly King appointed by Satan being that willed of the Almighty Father and Lord God to succumb against the earthly man of rebellion. In understanding: {From{Revelation 5:6-10.."The Lord God has 7 Horns}. Representing the Lord God Power and Strength. Thus being also to include that the Power and Strength shared with in unison with the Almighty Father whom being the Supreme in {All} Power of performance.


The Anti-Messiah to have {4 horns}.

The False prophet has {2 horns} ..

Satan is left with {1 horn}.

Therefore the approaching soon to be the ruling authority upon the earth {the Anti-Messiah} being allowed as authority from the Almighty Father ..will have the allowed power and strength {combined of {7 horns}. Being of all those united together through the ..unison ..{Satan ..and the false prophet ..and the Anti-Messiah}. Therefore the Anti-Messiah to have the power and strength ..as of ..the power and strength of the Lord God. {But only having the power and strength of the Lord God measured alone}. For the Lord God in the sharing with the Almighty Father (Life Giving Spirit) The Father whom being Supreme above all ..through the unison thus allows for the Lord God ..(too) ..being above all in power and strength. But as allowed of the Almighty Father and Lord God ..the Anti-Messiah he will have the power and strength of the Lord God (measured alone) thus to reign upon the earth being against {the multitudes} of man.

The tragic sequence to unfold all being allowed against those rebellious. For the Lord God says against those rebellious {from{Micah 6:16.."The only commands you keep are those of Omri. The only example you follow is that of Ahab. ..Therefore I will make an example of you ..I will destroy you}. In-turn the Lord God to say of the man whom do not submit to Him in respectful obedience to His commands ..the Holy Spirit says {from{Jeremiah 4:11-12.. "At that time God will send a burning wind from the desert upon them not in little guts but in a roaring blast and he will pronounce their doom}. So therefore ..Yes as for the man in continued rebellion ..refusing to be taught ..it will be a time against that man of extreme measures of great distress. ...Great ..great ..great ..tremendous Horrors. For the Anti-Messiah will not be a man but that of a god in measurement of as allowed the power and strength in performance. Therefore being of no Earthly man power being able to succumb of his destruction. The Holy Spirit says {from{Daniel 8:25.."Only God will bring him to destruction}. This will succumb of the time man to be once again in the visible communion with those of the spirit as was during the former ..the man before the flood. The Evil spirits will allow themselves present among Earthly man.


Satan reasoning of not destroying Great Babylon daughter {Chaldea} being for the planned purpose devised by Satan concerning the reign of the Anti-Messiah.

The Chaldeans being submitted carrying the name {the Babylonians}: ..For the daughter Chaldea whom reign over them being the daughter of the former Great Babylon. Therefore Chaldea being the last of former Great Babylon children thus to carry the name. In-turn those {the Gentile children} to carry the name of both the former head Guardian {the former Great Babylon} and that of the mother {Chaldea}. Being in similarity that done of Abraham. After Abraham adoption unto God he being termed ..named the {Jew ..God Jewels}. But through the child {Jacob} whom being born the first son of God Creation ..in-turn the descendants thereafter being named {Israel ..the Israelites}. The descendants thus being those carrying both names giving from God ..the {Jews {those belonging to God ..His Jewels} and {Israel ..{those shared ..having power with God}. Therefore as the same being of the children ..the Chaldeans. Being those too carrying both names {Babylonians {those confused-belonging to Great Babylon through the daughter} and {Chaldeans ..those shared ..having power with Chaldea}.

Satan reasoning in allowance in the daughter Chaldea keeping her children ..being of Satan to use the Babylonians ..the {Chaldeans ..Europeans} to come of cruel powerful force against the children belonging formally under Great Babylon her sons {Media and Persia ..those {the Guardians} to have formally {all} been destroyed by Satan}. In-turn Satan to once again manipulate. The Holy Spirit says {from{Revelation 13:3-8.."Satan will encourage the creature to speak blashemies against the Lord and all those in Heaven and to over come the people of all the world}. In-turn the Anti-Messiah to believe the daughter Chaldea to have in cruelity betrayed against those {the children} belonging to her brothers. Thus Chaldea through such actions having betrayed the family. Thus {Chaldea} being the one against in accuse by him ..Chaldea former spiritual father ..{the Anti-Messiah}. Therefore Chaldea and her childen being blamed in the suffering to have succumb against the children {creation} belonging to the former King and former Queen {the family}. Satan in-turn performing of treachery against Chaldea as he to have formally done against the mother {Great Babylon}. Thus all bringing of the fulfillment to God cursed prophecy against Satan and Babylon in the Garden. Being said of the Almighty Father:.. {From now on you and the woman will be enemies as will your off-spring {Satan} and hers {Great Babylon}. The Almighty Father words thus all being in representation of those {the Gentiles ..the children formally belonging to Babylon} but now those belonging to Satan. But those still belonging to Babylon through the daughter Chaldea being those to succumb of his enemies during the reign of the Anti-Messiah whom anger to surmise against the {the Babylonians-Chaldeans ..the Europeans} those belonging to {Chaldea ..Great Babylon daughter}. God do not lie ..It has formally been spoken. Satan agenda in reasoning is not being King over the earth ..but to over throw the Almighty Father and rule in His place. That being the complete reasoning of Satan and all to have occured.

In-turn the Anti-Messiah will succumb against the daughter
Chaldea and her children {the Babylonians -Chaldeans-the Europeans} in unbelievable vengeance of full measure ..when he being giving the cries from his earthly children of that to have come against them. Thus being the Lord God prophecy to unfold formally spoken against Chaldea {from
{Isaiah 47:1-3.."O daughter of Chaldea never again will you be the lovely princess tender and delicate. You shall be in nakedness and shame. I will take {vengeance} upon you and will not repent}. Thus being the last prophecy of punishment against an Earthly nation the Chaldeans. And the fulfilled prophecy against the former Great Babylon daughter {Chaldea} .......God do not lie ..it has formally been spoken.

******In Closing******

The submission of this information as instructed being directed to me from the Holy Spirit to deliver to have brought in great measure against my spirit {the feeling of it being a waste of time}. But my Holy Spirit consoled me. Thus bringing me to the awareness of its initiation being of God plan of purpose. For the delivery to be ensued will bring for the man later God ordained prophecy of fulfillments. For there are several men being of God plan of purpose whom to view and read the information ..but being those to keep in remembrance thus placing away the posted material. Being God plan of purpose. The men of God plan of purpose are men not belonging to God ..being those whom have not yet surrendered unto Him. But those having already been appointed by the Almighty Father thus later to bring hope and faith in the sharing with another man all being desired of God willed of that man. The Holy Spirit says of those left behind {from{Revelation 13:9-10.. "Anyone who can hear ..listen carefully: The people of God who are destined for prison will be arrested and taken away ..those destined for death will be killed. But do not be dismayed ..for here is your opportunity for endurance and confidence}. This being spoken to those the man to succumb being the {hidden ..the underground}. In courage of strength having faith in God ..that man to win out receiving God acceptance ..the Holy Spirit says {from{Revelation 20:5.."Through the First Resurrection}...For the man under the reign of the Anti-Messiah {those to be in hiding ..being those to be called the underground}. For also in-turn the Anti-Messiah under His rule will destroy all being delivered through Scripture spoken from God. Thus all being God allowed. Thus his performance being to Represent: ..The Holy Spirit being than removed from the Earth. For after the Lord God sacrifice in His mercy the Almighty Father ..The Holy Spirit says {from{Yohanan/John 16:8.."The Holy Spirit being sent into the world to convince the world of its sin and of the availability of God Goodness and of deliverance from Judgement}. But during just before the time announcement of the Anti-Messiah reign ..The Holy Spirit says {from{Revelations 3:10.."God will retrieve the man whom patiently obeyed despite the persecution} and in-turn the Holy Spirit will also be removed. For the Scriptures are those the Lord God commandments and laws ..thus to be used in unison with the man instructor {the Holy Spirit} to teach the man ..opening His eyes to God wisdom ..knowledge ..and understanding of God word of truths to be understood of Scripture. For God word is truth being-{the Holy Spirit}. In-turn God says to love Him. But many man {multitudes} refuse to surrender unto of that God has commanded. That being in unison with loving God-being also the {the Holy Spirit ..the appointed instructor}. Therefore the man through his demonstrated behavior when not adhering being the man in rebellion. Being the man as the former Great Babylon {doing as he please and not that being desired ..commanded from God}. Therefore the man confirmed not in desire of God wisdom {the Holy Spirit}-God truths.

The Holy Spirit says upon the entrance of the Anti-Messiah man will already know of all that God has willed Him to be informed of from {that being presently delivered}. Therefore the Holy Spirit says {from{Revelations 11:4-13.."The two prophets to soon arrive}. The two prophets will not be here to explain of the former. For the Holy Spirit to have already delivered God truths. But the prophets being to warn those whom to straggle the fence and those of others. The two prophets will come to instill to the man of that man importance to repent unto God. For the man will have already to have been revealed of God truths. For the road to understanding {the knowledge of God} to have already been paved for them. God do not change ..He Renews. Which is why man of then the man to be known as ..the Holy Spirit says {from{2 Thessalonians 2:3.."The Rebellious Generation}. For the man to now know ..having been revealed of God truths but from the man refusal still to change his demonstrated wrongful behavior being as determined by God ..the Holy Spirit says {from{Jeremiah 7:28.."This is the nation {man} that refuses to obey the Lord God ..its God ..and refuses to be taught. ..She continues to live a lie}. Therefore God to submit unto that man of all he desired {his god in performance ..the god he desired}. The Anti-Messiah. Being done against the man as formally done against Great Babylon {God given to the man that through his rebellious performance to be desired}. The man to be submitted unto his god as Babylon being sent to the pit with that whom she desired. Therefore God says against the man in rebellion ..the Holy Spirit says {from{Isaiah 28:11.."But they won't listen ..the only language they can understand is punishment. So God will punish them by sending against them foreigners who speak strange gibberish. Only then will they listen to Him}. Therefore the man .. those whom do not listen will be the man left behind. Being the man not retrieved during the Lord God promised {harvest/rapture}. But being the man to possibly succumb in confirming unto God his loyalty and love for Him through torturous circumstances.

Many {multitudes} of men will enjoy the vengeance to be submitted unto against those the Chaldeans and the man whom formally straggled the fence in serving God but of then to have changed ..therefore the man being whom subjected to severe torture ..and of that the torment to be extended against some of the Jews to have been left behind from acts of rebellion against God. The Holy Spirit says {from{Revelation 13:4.."Many they worshiped the Dragon {Satan} for giving him {the Anti-Messiah-the strange creature} such power ..and they worshiped the strange creature}. ***But that man of hate ..those to assist the Anti-Messiah through his short reign of terror afforded against another ..after God destruction against the Anti-Messiah those whom are left behind ..those whom to have been in his the Anti-Messiah allegiance ..that man too will suffer of massive great penalty from God. Thus being the fulfillment to the prophecy given from God to the man prophet Daniel {from{Daniel.. 9:24.."The Lord God commanded {490} years of further punishment against man for than at last they will learn to stay away from sin and their guilt will be cleansed. Then the Kingdom of Everlasting Righteousness will begin and the Most Holy Place {in the Temple} will be rededicated as the prophets have declared}.

This frame measurement of time being a time for man whom being than left behind upon the earth after the Almighty Father and Lord God destruction of the Anti-Messiah ..thus being the time against the man to seriously {reap}. Thus being the time of that ..the Holy Spirit says {from{Luke 23:29.."When the woman whom have no children will be counted fortunate}. For upon the Earth there will be no more spiritual Guardians. The Holy Spirit says {from{Isaiah 24:21.."On that day God will punish the fallen angels and the proud rulers {being the earthly spiritual Guardians} upon the earth}. Thus of Satan in-turn {from{Revelation 20:2-3.."Satan the old Serpent ..the Dragon was seized and bound in chains for {1000 years} shut and locked up in the bottomless pit}. For death {being sin} to have been conquered. Therefore man will desire death but cannot die. The man of wicked behavior will live out hundreds of years in torment of suffering as that having been ordained by God truths. Being God allowed purpose ..thus for the man to succumb into obeying His commandments {to live as one should}. Therefore during that measurement of time God in punishment against ..preparing that man through his horrid suffering to unfold ..thus to in-turn for the man to gain God salvation. Therefore upon the finally {from{Revelation 20:7.."Satan release from prison ..after the thousand years} and God final battle against Satan ..and the Lord God New Day succumbing afterwards ..the Holy Spirit says being {from{Revelation 20:6.."The second resurrection-the one that holds the terrors}. For of that resurrection man to have formally been submitted ..having gone through for {490 years great measure of terror not being able to die}. Having been the man {third} and final change. Therefore that resurrection being noted as the resurrection to hold the terrors {For that man to hold the remembrance of horror}.

The new generation being God mercy and grace unto man ..being {the man {first chance} ..the man being readied for the harvest/rapture before the scorching heat of his anger ..the Anti-Messiah reign ..the coming into the noon day sun}.

The man left behind to suffer the mid-day heat ..the Anti-Messiah reign ..being the {first resurrection ..but being the man {second change} ..thus to be rendered unto God the man surrender but that to be achieved against the man in measurement of possible torturous death}.

God prophecy of the {extra 490.. years of further punishment} The man to be rendered within that measure of time to hold the terrors ..being the man {third} and final change}. The Holy Spirit says {from{Daniel 9:24.."than at last they will learn to stay away from sin}. The man last chance.

The Holy Spirit says ..{from{Ephesians 6:12 .."This is a spiritual war}.

And the Holy Spirit explains {from{2 Peter 2: 9-12 .."Satan and the others ..the Glorious Ones tremendous power and strength against man}.

Therefore man must submit in repentance unto God for his salvation. Thus in-turn being the man not to be included of those being {The man destined of death ..and ..or ..torture ..or ..being the man to die within his sins ..during the man under the rule of the Anti-Messiah}.
God do not lie ..it has already been determined ..spoken.

For all to succumb of man from being wicked are the sins done against God. For the man sins to have always been the formulated plan against God. Being the initiated agenda of the former Queen Great Babylon and of Satan from the beginning. Therefore of a man rebellion against God being the man to continue in Satan formulated reasoning.

Today is the man {first} chance ..therefore think wisely and seek God salvsation.

Ezekiel 34:29

The Lord God said ..I will raise up a notable Vine {The Messiah} in Israel so that my people will never again go hungry nor be ashamed by heathen conquest.

Thus to have already been done

God do not lie

The Holy Spirit says

The Righteous will flourish like a palm tree

They will grow like the cedar of Lebanon

Planted in the House of the Lord

They will flourish in the courts of our god

they will still bear fruit in old age

They will stay fresh and green

Proclaiming ..The Lord is upright

He is my rock ..and there is no

wickedness in Him.

The Holy Spirit says {from{Revelation19:10.."The purpose of all prophecy to have been shared and shown to you is to tell you about Yeshua the Messiah ..the Lord God ..The God of Israel.

May God Grace be with you ..so be it to be through unison the Almighty Father the Lord God and Holy Spirit will to be done ............Shalom